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Talking story about drones in Hawaii at the Hawaii State Capitol
Talking story about drones in Hawaii at the Hawaii State Capitol ... including Blue Hawaiian Helicopters; DJI; Drone Professionals User Group; ...
DJI employees steal $150 million from company
DJI released a statement on Monday, stating that an internal probe had ... The preeminent player in the international drone market (controlling about ...
Gloomy Skies for DJI, Uncovers Internal Fraud and $150 Million Loss
DJI, the world's largest manufacturer of consumer drones, has uncovered multiple cases of embezzlement and fraud among workers in China.
Drone Company DJI Reveals An Internal Fraud Causing Over $150 Million Loss
Multiple employees were caught inflating the prices of parts that may see the drone maker lose as much as $150 million. DJI is currently investigating ...
DJI says employee fraud will cost it up to $150 million
The drone manufacturer DJI has discovered millions of dollars worth of fraud committed by its employees, the company has announced (via ...
Problematic UAVs: These Are Some of the Ways People Are Misusing Drones
Drone technology looks like it is here to stay, however, properly .... put this into practice when he attached a spray can to a DJI Phantom drone and ...
Drone maker DJI is losing $150 million to its own employees through fraud
A hot potato: Part costs were rising a little too quickly at DJI because employees were artificially raising costs to take home the extra for themselves.
DJI Smart Controller is now available for purchase
The DJI Smart Controller was introduced during CES 2019. The device is a remote controller for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom/Enterprise drones and ...

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