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RC Control Gear • FrSky Radio and Receivers UK
Looking for the best place to buy the FrSky X9D or perhaps the compact Taranis Q X7 Radio Quadcopters Uk have all you need.Official UK Dealers for Frsky-Rc and the largest UK FPV Racing store carrying a large range of radios , transmitters and FrSky receivers.Popular models such as the Taranis Q X7 and the X9D along with receivers such as the XM+ and XSR , we even stock the X9D Special Edition radios such as rock monster and blazing skull.Free shipping over £100.00 Taranis X9D inc Eva Case - https://www.quadcopters.co.uk/frsky-taranis-x9d-plus-inc-eva-case-eu-version-2369FrSky Taranis X9D Special Edition - https://www.quadcopters.co.uk/frsky-taranis-x9d-plus-special-edition-3327FrSky Taranis Q X7 - https://www.quadcopters.co.uk/frsky-taranis-q-x7-transmitter-24ghz-3143FrSky Taranis XM+ - https://www.quadcopters.co.uk/frsky-xm-micro-d16-sbus-full-range-receiver-3108FrSky XSR 2.4Ghz sbus receiver - https://www.quadcopters.co.uk/frsky-xsr-16ch-accst-sbus-and-cppm-24ghz-receiver-eu-firmware-2379The all new FrSky Q X7S with M7 Hall Sensor Gimbals - https://www.quadcopters.co.uk/taranis-q-x7s-transmitterStatistics: Posted by quadcopters.co.uk — Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:03 am — Replies 0 — Views 8

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