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RC Control Gear • DJ6 & Part No.31 Receiver - Gimble Tilt Control
I have now received my receiver (Part 31) for my DJ6 and set about configuring it last night, I had a couple of challenges but I think these are now resolved, but I have a question relating to the Gimble pitch control.The receiver has two connectors S-Bus & Gimble control, the S-Bus is connected to X2 on the Naza & the Gimble to X1, in the Naza assistant I can calibrate both the sticks and X2. The X1 calibration is very hit or miss, initially it wasn't working and then I've seen it move twice when I move the control on the back of the DJ6. Is this normal or am I missing some thing?The two problems I initially had were:Assistant showing fail state & receiver led flashing green - tried re pairing a couple of times and eventually this changed to a constant green led. Not entirely sure what I did that resulted in a successful pairing.Naza flashing amber - Assistant software complaining about GPS calibration, waved the GPS around a few times and this then went green.Overall I think I'm almost ready for my first flight, motor tests seemed all Ok, stick calibration Ok and I tested the unit without props and I could hear the motors change as I moved the sticks.Statistics: Posted by a18041967 — Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:21 am — Replies 0 — Views 3

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