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RC Control Gear • Assigning retracts onto Taranis
I have just obtained retracts for my DJIF550 hex and need some help to set them up on my Taranis. The retracts come with two integrated servos connected via a Y harness which needs to be plugged into a spare channel on the receiver. That seems straight forward enough but here's the question. I have an FR Sky X8R Rx connected to the Naza control unit using S-Bus and I have assigned 7 channels in the mixes on the Tx; I need to connect the retracts to the Rx so should I plug the cable into Channel 8 on the Rx and then assign it to a switch and channel in the Mixes screen on the Taranis?I would also like to set up a function so that when I select the failsafe return to home mode then the retracts will automatically deploy down regardless of the retract control switch position. I am guessing that this could be done via the logical switch screen but not sure how, any ideas anybody?Statistics: Posted by TRextasy — Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:49 pm — Replies 0 — Views 2

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