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DJI Zenmuse X5R Introduction
It's no surprise that drones have gained such popularity in the last few years, as they're truly a marvel of technology. Some of it existed long before, but ...
Zenmuse X5S vs X5R
That's why a drone's camera is considered its most important feature. The Zenmuse X5S and X5R are powerful drone cameras that can capture excellent aerial footage. However, they have some key differences ... The Zenmuse X5S is only compatible with DJI's Inspire 2 drone. The Zenmuse X5R is only ...
M600 X5R camera on an Inspire 1, possible?
Hey guys, I'm really concerned about this, I might get a job of renting my drone for using as a backup for the X5R, the problem is that I don't have that in my hand, even worse it is used on a M600.On top of that I have a I1 v1 or vanilla and I'm on the almigthy and trustful v1.4.So, questions, do you think I can work this out? Will the M600 X5R have an unknown firmware which my inspire won't recongnize?What firmware do I need to update so the X5R will work on my inspire? Is that...M600 X5R camera on an Inspire 1, possible?
Dji stock lens X5 or X5R
DJI 15mm F/1.7 micro 4/3 Panasonic Lumix Lens. Equivalent to 30mm FOV 72° Included are Tiffen filter UV protector. Also Poloroid fader ND 46 filter. Fits any 43mm Panasonic or Olympus. $325 us shipped to continues 48 from Wi. Thanks for looking...Dji stock lens X5 or X5R
Magenta Only on X5R Raw?
Hey everyone! So I just got my camera back from repair and took it out on an OSMO to test it out, and this is what came back. For some reason, SOME of these are ALL MAGENTA, others are totally fine. This never showed up in the video feed, and the mp4's recorded on the microSD card were fine - it's only the footage on the SSD when I pulled it up in Cinelight. See attached screen shots. Anyone have any ideas or think I need to send this back to DJI?Thank you!! View attachment 14468 ...Magenta Only on X5R Raw?
x5r calibration question-Fear mine has issues
Hello everyone,i wanted to ask a simple question about how your x5 calibrates and if mine is having issues if its behaving as it is currently.As it stands i have always use auto focus to set the focus up on our x5 as the infinity focus is always ways out of focus so thus useless.Every time i calibrate the camera it is always blurry at infinity after, we shot a nature reserve the other day for a client and i had to write off the whole lot of footage as it was just not focused quite...x5r calibration question-Fear mine has issues
4k 30fps on x5r
Where the hell is the option for this? Out of curiosity i was looking through the options on the app today whilst running a batt down and noticed it is not there for me at all. Just 24 or 25 fps for everything above 1080p am i missing something here? I always shoot 25 anyway but id still like to know as it states on the specs in is capable of it.What FPS options do you have on your x5r?ThanksMick
For Sale: Used M600 + Zenmuse X5R camera
Looking to see what sort of interest this post may gain. My company is looking to purchase a UAV more purpose built for survey work, so we're looking to offset some cost by selling our M600. We're hoping to sell the M600 and camera in one transaction if possible. Other than some scuffs on the case, this M600 is in like-new condition. It has maybe 25 flights on it and has never been crashed or had a hard landing. Below is a list of everything in the box:· Zenmuse X5R Camera...For Sale: Used M600 + Zenmuse X5R camera

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