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VIDEO: DJI ignites a blaze to showcase what fire fighting UAV has to offer
UAV manufacturing market leader DJI went up in flames to showcase the fire fighting capabilities of its newly-revealed Zenmuse XT2. DJI has unveiled new technology and tools to customise its enterprise drone platforms for specialised tasks, such as fire fighting, infrastructure inspection, precision ...
Apple Park drone pilot thinks company tracking all flights, planning counter-measures [Video]
DroneDNA is a machine learning system and classification engine that recognizes drones of all kinds. Trained on millions of images and data points, it can distinguish between different drone models, and detect the difference between drones and other moving objects such as birds, planes, or other ...
Shoot 4K video on the ground and in the sky with the Yuneec Q500 for $350
This is for getting serious about video, both in the air and on the ground. A larger drone should be more stable on windy days, and don't underestimate the benefit of a built-in touchscreen. One of the things I really dislike about DJI's drones (and similar ones) is having to commit my phone to the controller ...
Watch Team Bunel fly and catch a drone from a Volvo Ocean Race yacht [video]
Many people have lost their drones flying over water. There are plenty of videos on YouTube and Facebook of drone pilots crashing their drones into creeks, canals, lakes, and oceans. So when I saw this video of a crew flying and catching what seems to be a DJI Phantom in strong winds and high ...
DJI Mavic Pro makes appearance on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith [video]
DJI Mavic Pro makes appearance on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith [video] · Haye Kesteloo. - Mar. 24th 2018 6:29 am ET ... The drone was flown, with prop guards, by Randy Scott Slavin, who we know from the NYC Drone Film Festival. Check out both videos below as they are highly ...
Drone Racing League and BMW to build the fastest racing drone [video]
It seems that all of a sudden car manufacturers are becoming interested in drones. Mercedes-Benz is testing with drone deliveries in Zurich. Porsche has a drone in their latest EV commercial. Ford participates at the FAA UAS Symposium and would like to sell you a drone with your next F150 pickup ...
Local men create drone video, photography business
Will Hall, 21, and Andrew Hutto, 19, started working together to create a project using a drone. "Aiken is small, but it still has some of the best scenery," Hutto said. Hall said he has always been into emerging technology and photography. "All my life I've been videoing and (Hutto) owns a detailing ...
The Video Stage & The Drone Zone Announced At The Photography Show
At the Drone Zone (including done flying area), visitors will see in-flight demos of the latest kit releases from Yuneec and DJI and can join tuition sessions from top drone trainers and operators at Aerial Motion Pictures. TechRadar's Tom Anderson will delve into using drones as a filmmaker, and Adam ...

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