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What happens when a drone hits an airplane at 383 km per hour? Watch this video to know
Aerial surveillance drones may be a technological boon for security and safety around the world but they are also the reason behind thousands of ...
VIDEO: Footage shows what damage a drone can do to a commercial airline
He added: “We wanted to help the aviation community and the drone industry understand the dangers that even recreational drones can pose to ...
What the Drone Crash Video Means for the Industry
The drone did not shatter on impact, but tore open the leading edge of the wing as it bore into the structure, damaging its main spar. “While the ...
Video shows scary result when drone collides with plane in researcher's test
His group is able to launch things at high rates of speed, so he set out to simulate a crash using the right wing of a Mooney M20 plane, a drone (the ...
Video shows devastating damage drones can inflict on planes
University of Dayton Research Institute released stunning video of a test which mimicked a midair collision at 238 mph ofa 2.1-pound DJI Phantom 2 ...
DroneRise – Drone video of the Amazon jungle and Palca Canyon, Bolivia
Beautiful scenery and probably not something many of us will see first hand, so enjoy this drone video. Furthermore, we have news for you about the ...
Drone video shows Hurricane Michael caused widespread devastation in Mexico Beach, FL
The first drone footage is emerging from Mexico Beach, Florida and it shows the widespread devastation that was caused by the Category 4 storm that ...

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