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FS- Inspire 1.1 PRO with NEW motors, X3 Cam, X5 Cam, InsPak Backpack, GnarBox, Extras
I am willing to part this outINSPIRE 1 Pro V1.1, with larger NEW motors (351OH), on a 600 airframe, dual remote controllers (C version), 3 pairs of new never used quick props, 4 used batteries (3 TB47, 1 TB48 plus 1 TB48 that's good for pre flight calibration), X3 camera, 2 chargers with an additional charger station, iPad Soft screen. Case is stock and in mint condition with aftermarket handle connectors so it won't rip out.$1200 obo plus shipping...FS- Inspire 1.1 PRO with NEW motors, X3 Cam, X5 Cam, InsPak Backpack, GnarBox, Extras
Motors, ESC's & Electronics • TATTU 30A BLHELI_S ESC
Tattu has just released their new 30A ESC for the BLHeli_S firmware. Maybe a bit late to the game, as BLHeli_32 has already came out a few months ago.Tattu is well known for their Mini Quad LiPo batteries, and they are now expanding into the ESC market with their 30A BLHeli_S ESC.So here is an overview of the ESC’s, I will put them on a quad and test them on a later date and let you guys know how they perform The Tattu 30A ESC’s come as a set of 4 in a really nice box. Probably the best packaging I have seen in ESC’s. They are sold at US$68 a set. They are also sold individually at $17 each.S
WTB Inspire 1 V1 or V2
Had a battery failure mid-air with my Inspire 1 v1. I need a replacement one quickly. If you are in the United States let me know what you have.I'm really just looking for the aircraft. I have a spare camera and a good amount of batteries. (Less one ) Inspire 1 v1 or v2 only please.Throw me a price and we can talk.
Buying an used Inspire 1 V1
Hi,I've been flying smaller drones for about a year now and I'd love to move up a little bit and buy a DJI drone. I wanted to buy the P3P or P4 because it's cheaper, but then my friend told me that his father owns the I1 V1 and wants to upgrade to the I2. He says that they bought it when it was released and since that it crashed once. They bought some new parts and repaired it. But I don't know. We were discussing about a price around €800 which is I think pretty good price for the Inspire...Buying an used Inspire 1 V1
Motors, ESC's & Electronics • Phantom 2 ESC Wire Replacement
Im rebuilding a crashed phantom and was not happy with the solder job on the wire that goes from center board to the esc. If I redo the wires with new ones is there any reason to stick with the factory design where the negative is not in a jacket or can I use any old 16/2 stranded where both conductors are in a jacket?Statistics: Posted by sealfab — Mon May 22, 2017 11:24 pm — Replies 0 — Views 1
Inspire 1 V1 crash yesterday
Well theres good news and bad news... the good- the low battery/ return home worked ( i didnt hear the low batt warning beep and was actually 6" from the ground trying to land)...... the bad (sigh) it went straight up (full power) into a tree branch and fell to the ground from 50 feet 'nose first'... landing gear broke at the transition hinge and snapped the forward post... and destroyed my X5.... it happened so fast there was no way i could catch it... a sad and expensive day... make sure...Inspire 1 V1 crash yesterday
Looking for some I1 escs
as the title says I'm looking for some I1 escs, v1 and v2.please let me know what you have. Thanks guys.
Inspire PRO/V2 parts (motors and arm)
2x - V2 3510H CCW motors - £60 each1x - V2 3510H CW motor - £601x - Right Arm Assy (the whole part, including antenna and lifter/aux arm (T-junction between the arm and boom split and has been glued back. It's 100% cosmetic and not structural)) - £1301x - X3 vibration plate - £25Got them on eBay at £70 per motor and £149 for the arm. Happy to do them on here for the prices above. The prices do not inc P+P which will be about...Inspire PRO/V2 parts (motors and arm)

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