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0.330 FW update killed my speed.
So after reading the posts here that all was good with the new 330 FW, and speed was restored, I decided to update. All in all, a very good update, BUT it killed my speed.Before I was doing solid 70-72 kmh in GPS mode (which was a good cruising speed) now I only get 61-63 kmh, no matter what. This is just like a Phantom. So not very happy with that.Sport mode seems ok.What is your experience ?
Update - Cinelog gone?
Just did update on I2 and I only have Standard / DLog to choose from in options, where has Cinelog, Film, Art etc gone?
DJI Go 4 Companion App Update Comes With New Features,…
DJI doesn't need any introduction, it is the most popular drone manufacturer in the world. It produces some of the best drones, including the Mavic and ...
Update Inspire w/o SD card reader?
I've searched and can't seem to find the answer to my specific question - Updating firmware for i1 pro for the first time ever. Just unpackaged it. I see the update is done through the SD card in the camera. The problem is - I don't have a card reader. Never needed one before this. Checked all the little pockets in the case, but it looks like DJI didn't include one. Looking at the camera, I see the card and there is a micro USB port right next to it.Can I plug into the camera...Update Inspire w/o SD card reader?
Anyone has a link to a form that can be used to track software updates?
APP Crash after recent update
(moderator . . . I searched . . if there are numerous threads on this already for the I2 since the recent update (March 2017) . . . please delete the thread and send me a PM)OK . . . I dont want to put out a poll . . . but is anyone else having APP CRASH probs (iOS or Android) since recent update(s) ? I'm having major issues . . . the updates went fine . . . or so I thought. Last two days the deuce is absolutely worthless due to APP crash. Its not intermittent . . its constant crash....APP Crash after recent update
Cinema DNG and Prores gone after Update License
After the recent FW update and app update I get a message I need to purchase the licensing for Cinema DNG and Prores on my Premium combo. What do I need to do to recover my original licensing?
I2 Remote Controller refuses update to latest firmware
I got 2 RC's with my I2 and one of them refuses to update to the latest firmware .... The download went well but when updating it stays at 0% and refuses to go on.After 2 minutes i get the message update failed ... report or retry ... retry won't work.I tried to update with iPad mini , iPhone , Samsung tab ... no go .....Anyone same problem ?RC works fine by the way but no update to latest version of fw.

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