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APP Crash after recent update
(moderator . . . I searched . . if there are numerous threads on this already for the I2 since the recent update (March 2017) . . . please delete the thread and send me a PM)OK . . . I dont want to put out a poll . . . but is anyone else having APP CRASH probs (iOS or Android) since recent update(s) ? I'm having major issues . . . the updates went fine . . . or so I thought. Last two days the deuce is absolutely worthless due to APP crash. Its not intermittent . . its constant crash....APP Crash after recent update
Cinema DNG and Prores gone after Update License
After the recent FW update and app update I get a message I need to purchase the licensing for Cinema DNG and Prores on my Premium combo. What do I need to do to recover my original licensing?
I2 Remote Controller refuses update to latest firmware
I got 2 RC's with my I2 and one of them refuses to update to the latest firmware .... The download went well but when updating it stays at 0% and refuses to go on.After 2 minutes i get the message update failed ... report or retry ... retry won't work.I tried to update with iPad mini , iPhone , Samsung tab ... no go .....Anyone same problem ?RC works fine by the way but no update to latest version of fw.
More Problems after update - video
All settings reset.Inspire 2 barely turns and keeps turning when finger off the stick.
Latest Firmware Update - 4 March - RC, Aircraft & Batteries
After the last issue with Firmware Updates for the batteries, I am posting my experience with the latest updates. When I went for a fly today (2.00pm Melbourne Australia time - 4 March), I was advised a firmware update was necessary. I proceeded to do this once I returned home. The update was for the RC, aircraft and my 3 sets of batteries. I did the RC first, with the iPad connected to the RC and a good WiFi signal, and all went well. I next did the aircraft and was advised during the...Latest Firmware Update - 4 March - RC, Aircraft & Batteries
X4S camera issue since firmware update
Sorry for a different thread about the same issues but mine is not the same as those pastedSince updating my X4S has developed an issue that the edges of an object now has a red line. But if i take a photo it is not on the version recoded on the SD card. First image taken direct from iPad screen, second is from SD card.Any ideas? View attachment 12543 View attachment 12544
Inspire 1 update help please...
I have updated my remote and now need to update my Inspire 1 Pro. I downloaded the Inspire 1 firmware at, unzipped the .bin file and put it on a blank 64GB card. I then put the card in the X5 camera. When I turn on the inspire 1 Pro nothing happens, all I get is the usual camera movement and then a steady green light. Now in DJIgo app I get no RC signal.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
X5S servo noise and constant rattle after firmware update
A few of us have been discussing this in another thread, but after a few firmware refreshes, and calibration of everything, the issue still exists. My issue is the noise at startup after a quiet initialization accompanied by felt vibration and visible shaking of the gimbal. Followed by a constant lower vibration of the uppermost servo, also accompanied by noise. Other users have reported camera not aligning straight as well. As an engineer, I'd say leave the camera off until this is...X5S servo noise and constant rattle after firmware update

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