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A look at Transport Canada's updated drone regulations
Earlier in the month, at the Canadian launch of its new drone, the DJI Spark, Adam Lisberg, DJI's corporate communication director for North America, ...
Transport Canada revises recreational drone use restrictions
Drone company DJI expressed its appreciation for the interim order in a press statement sent to MobileSyrup. “The revised Interim Order is a step in ...
Smallest Pelican case for I2 (transport mode)
Im looking for the smallest case possible to carry the I2 in transport mode, can anyone comment on the smallest peli case (with pluck foam) they have managed to do this in ?
How Drone Usage is Revolutionizing the Transport Industry
To be fair, GoPro is entering what many view as a crowded market -- and one dominated by privately-held drone titan DJI, which reportedly doubled its ...
Looking for pilot certified by Transport Canada (Special Flight Operations Certificate) on Sep 23/24
A project I am involved in is looking for a drone pilot who can meet the following requirements:Fly on September 24th and/or September 25h on Vancouver IslandFully certified by Transport Canada; specifically, holds a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC)Willing to donate time and pay own travel expenses.First, if you don't hold an SFOC from Transport Canada, then you are not the pilot we are looking for. I am such a person; if this were not an...Looking for pilot certified by Transport Canada (Special Flight Operations Certificate) on Sep 23/24
Transport Canada guidance on VLOS ops
It looks like, from my interpretation, from the email I received from TC PNR that an operation can extend out a greater distance with visual observers spaced along a route and in communication with the pilot of the UAV. See second last paragraph below. Finally a govt agency with some forward thinking.Recent interpretation from headquarters allows for more flexibility with regard to visual observers. Please reference the direction below from headquarters UAV specialist Mark...Transport Canada guidance on VLOS ops
Inspire 1 Transport Durability
Hello everyone,Anyone know or have experience with transporting the IS1 (in it's case & tied down) over rough terrain?I'm wondering how it would hold up in a off road vehicle (Jeep, Sand Rail, Side by Side etc ) crossing rough terrain.Thanks for your time!Bill
Swiza Drone Transport Backpack
Those straps sit on the outside and can hold a smaller drone like the Parrot Bebop or the DJI Phantom 3 Standard by wrapping around its propeller ...

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