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DJI Spark firmware update adds new flight features as first shipments go out
DJI has added new flight features to the DJI Spark via a firmware update, while first shipments of the company's new mini drone reached customers ...
CopterSafe: Here's How to Hack Your DJI Drone
A Russian hacking company called CopterSafe is now offering hacked upgrades for your DJI drone. Geofencing and No-Fly Zones help keep drones ...
---SOLD---$2800 USD Inspire 1 Pro, 2x controllers, 7 TB47 batteries ---SOLD---
*****SOLD*******Unfortunately I am shutting down my drone service provider business and need to liquidate assets. This is an Inspire 1 Pro purchased new from B&H April 2016 with dual controllers, 7 TB47 batteries and a 4 port charging hub. Included is the stock power supply for charging along with the larger brick for faster charging. The stock 15mm DJI lens is included and numerous ND filters. Add $500 to the price if you do want a like new super sharp Olympus 12mm lens Stock case...---SOLD---$2800 USD Inspire 1 Pro, 2x controllers, 7 TB47 batteries ---SOLD---
Russian Company Is Selling Mods to Bypass DJI Drone Safety Features
DJI started in 2006 as a scrappy little Chinese company selling drone aircraft to a tiny niche market. However, interest in drones has exploded in ...
Using Ronin MX on Matrice600 Pro without SRW-60G?
New the the Matrice 600 pro platform and have a couple questions regarding using a Ronin-MX in conjunction with Sony camers (Fs5, A7RII, A6500).. WITHOUT the SRW-60G which to my understanding is illegal to use in North America as of June 2017. My goal is simply to have live image transmission and control over the gimbal. I have the DJI remote start/stop for the Ronin MX so should have shutter release covered. Would love some insight as to how to set this up properly as the manual only...Using Ronin MX on Matrice600 Pro without SRW-60G?
Ρωσική εταιρία προσφέρει mods για drones της DJI
Η ρωσικής καταγωγής εταιρία, Coptersafe, ειδικεύεται στο να κατασκευάζει και να πουλάει ειδικά mods για τα drone της DJI. Ως γνωστόν, η δεύτερη ...

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