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DJI Assistant 2 won't run on Mac
I just purchased the ProRes license and can't register it to my drone because I can't get Assistant 2 to load onto either my laptop or my desktop Macs. Is there a workaround for registering licenses using DJI Go? Am I missing something?
2017 DJI Latest News: Gearing Up To Unveil Tiny Drone In May At New York
DJI will be looking to launch the tiny drone known as Spark in May. ... DJI is no stranger to mass media attraction due to its technical competency, and ...
Looking for Info on DJI FlightHub
I've been searching but can't find any information on FlightHub, other than the standard quotes from DJI in Press Releases. Has anyone seen a demo yet or know what the latency will be? I've been working with an Aviation tech company to figure out a way to downlink UAS video to our Agency's handheld microwave receivers that the helicopters in our area use. I'm hoping that FlightHub might be an alternative, but the lag would have to be reasonable for decision quality data in the field.
DJI GO android bug
Somebody here has the latest version of this app? Today I have three flights and every flight had a full app crash... Very annoying when I need to restart the app rather to control the camera and the machine in the air. Is there any other app that can I use without frustrating bugs and errors? Before the last update I not have any errors, but now I see that this version is unacceptable to control a flying machine.
DJI stops their drones from being used in Syria and Iraq
DJI has stoped their drones from being used in Syria and Iraq by updating their no-fly zones. According to The Register (a online UK publication) this ...
DJI Will Reportedly Introduce A Tiny Drone At An Upcoming May Event In New York
DJI new drone, the little Spark (Photo : Billy Kyle / YouTube) Recent news spreads that DJI reportedly will introduce a tiny drone at an upcoming May ...
DJI Prevents Drone Flights Over Syria and Iraq
While there is limited data available to verify if their products are indeed the types of drones ISIS uses, it is probable that at least some DJI UAV's may ...

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