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Weekend sales feature sports gear, candles, organic cotton & drones
Best Buy is offering 20 Days of Doorbusters through Dec. 20. Past deals have included $200 off a Macbook Pro and 50% off a Dyson vacuum. Friday's deal is a DJI Mavic Pro Drone with remote controller for $899.99. Also thrown in to sweeten the deal: a $100 Best Buy gift card and $20 from Shutterfly.
AirDog II – Sports Drone Startup Returns to a Tougher Market
The infamous rise and fall of Lily was just a speck on the horizon; Hexo+ was flying off the shelves and DJI's Phantom 2 iterations were taking the ...
AirDog's ADII 'follow me' drone doubles down on action sports
With ADII, the goal is to have you embrace being in the moment without worrying about your drone. DJI tried to do this with Spark, but it's more of an ...
Osmo X5R on front end of sports car. 4K Raw
Not a fan of suction cup mounts because of the vibrations they introduced when attached on surface body of vehicles. I therefore hardmounted the Osmo Raw on the tow hook of my vehicle, inverted, so it dangles inches from the road. The results came out stellar! Shot with the new SLR Magic 8mm lens. Enjoy!
180 degree shutter rule valid for sports?
I understand the 180 shutter rule but can't find any answers as to whether it is still applicable to sports (faster movements), such as water skiing. It's likely I would want to shoot at 60fps to get a crisper image so should set the shutter to 120? Is that likely to give a crisper image without judder or should I go to 240?Obviously I need to experiment as it is partly down to taste, but some pointers would be helpful
9.5 mins flight time in sports mode. What a joke.
9.5 mins flighttime in sports mode. Incl. 1 min hover. 3 sets off batts tested. 400 euros a set. Come on, what a joke.
Nissan Truck Sports An Onboard Drone To Aid In Rescues
“Key to the car's rescue role is a drone, a DJI Phantom 4 with an operating ceiling of 6,000 meters,” a press release stated. “Weighing just 1,380 grams ...
GoPro's Karma Drone takes flight, sending sports cameras into the sky
The Karma drone puts GoPro in direct competition with Chinese company Dà-Jiāng Innovations (DJI), the world's top civilian drone producer.

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