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AirGon and DJI Deliver a Complete Drone Solution
This new appointment will enable AirGon to offer the full range of DJI products, including its industrial lines of drones. It's a development that is set to ...
'SUST' – a ground breaking new drone survey solution launched
With this in mind, COPTRZ has launched a range of complete solutions for surveying activities based on the groundbreaking DJI M210 RTK platform.
Understanding DJI's AeroScope Solution
Last month DJI introduced AeroScope, its ready-to-use system to identify, track and monitor airborne drones while protecting the privacy of drone ...
State watchdog: Army has no comprehensive solution to drone threat
A Mavic drone, manufactured by the Chinese company DJI, which the US Army called for its units to stop using in light of hacking vulnerabilities.
DJI AeroScope – a solution to identify and monitor airborne drones
DJI has announced AeroScope, a new solution to identify and monitor airborne drones with already available existing technology. This is a good step ...
A Solution for the Cyber Vulnerabilities of DJI Drones
In the world of drones, safety and privacy are still two of the major topics that pilots, manufacturers, and governments have to deal with. Usually, we ...
3D Robotics Joins Forces with DJI and Launches UAV Data Solution - 04/08/2017
With this integration, geospatial professionals can combine DJI's drones and 3DR's software for managing and analysing the data that these UAVs ...
X-naut Creates iPad Overheating Solution for Consumer Drone Market
X-naut Creates iPad Overheating Solution for Consumer Drone Market ... drone market by launching a drone controller bracket compatible with DJI ...

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