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DJI's European AeroScope Partner Launches Drone-Detection Solution
COPTRZ, a U.K. commercial drone solution provider, has released AeroScope, a turnkey drone-detection solution launched in partnership with DJI. DJI announced plans to develop AeroScope in October and chose COPTRZ as the exclusive European partner for the development, installation and ...
Lights, camera, ID! Ford offers remote ID solution for drones
Currently, DJI's Aeroscope solution appears to trump Ford's in terms of subtlety and effectiveness. It uses the existing, in-built command-and-control link between the remote and the drone to broadcast ID and telemetry data to nearby authorities. By tracking a drone's movements as well as identifying who ...
DroneBase Closes $12m Series B Round – And Launches AR Solution
Hearst Ventures, DJI and Pritzker Group also joined the round. DroneBase also used its good news to drop a new product. AirCraft Pro is an augmented reality (AR) device, in which users can lay 3D models on a drone-footage landscape, aiding anything “from race courses, to floating cities, to giant ...
Introducing Copilot: LaCie co-brands with DJI to release a mobile hard drive solution for actual ...
For quite a long time I and many photographers and videographers I know have been clamoring, nay begging, for a mobile backup solution that wouldn't require a computer to operate. When you're really out there in the bush and trying to create content, especially with a drone, the last thing you want to ...
COPTRZ Launch Groundbreaking Drone Leasing Solution
COPTRZ have developed DRONE-FLX with the aim of making drone technology accessible and cost-effective for enterprises. Some of the most advanced commercial drones on the market, including the DJI M210, WIND series, GRIFF heavy lift, Wingtra, Aerialtronics, Acecore and various thermal ...
AirGon and DJI Deliver a Complete Drone Solution
This new appointment will enable AirGon to offer the full range of DJI products, including its industrial lines of drones. It's a development that is set to ...
'SUST' – a ground breaking new drone survey solution launched
With this in mind, COPTRZ has launched a range of complete solutions for surveying activities based on the groundbreaking DJI M210 RTK platform.
Understanding DJI's AeroScope Solution
Last month DJI introduced AeroScope, its ready-to-use system to identify, track and monitor airborne drones while protecting the privacy of drone ...

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