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Microsoft Shows IoT, Edge Momentum With New Support From Qualcomm, NXP And DJI
First, Microsoft and DJI announced they will develop drone solutions for agriculture, construction, and public safety verticals, using Azure IoT Edge and AI technologies. While I typically looked at DJI as a consumer drone, the company has a growing commercial business. To add to its iOS and Android ...
Chinese drone maker DJI says study shows it does not spy on users
Drone maker DJI says an independent study has verified that its users have control over how their data is collected, stored and transmitted, following US government initiatives that have put the operations of Chinese technology companies under a microscope. The report, conducted by San ...
Independent study shows DJI does not harvest user data without consent
DJI are touting the results of a new study into their drones showing they are not using their customer's private data without consent. The testing was carried out by a San Francisco-based company Kivu Consulting which specialize in computer forensics, cyber security and data breaches.
Amazon's Comical Patent Shows Drones Reacting to Shouting and Waving
DJI's Spark drone which can be directed with hand movements, and another recent patent by Samsung described a drone which can track users' eyes, heads and hands. Other patents by Amazon include 'drone beacon pods' which transmit location data to delivery drones in remote areas, using ...
DJI Phantom 5 spotted? Photo shows drone in its entirety.
Talking about being back in the game! OsitaLV just tweeted a photo that may show the new DJI Phantom 5 drone. As was rumored before the unmanned aerial vehicle has an aluminum color. It is hard to say based on the photo whether this is plastic in an aluminum color or if it is the real thing. The photo ...
Actual footage shows drone crash at Apple Park
A drone crash landed on the solar paneled roof of the Apple Park headquarters, and a video with the actual drone footage was released on YouTube. ... The actual crash footage in the video wasn't the original drone file, but it was pulled from the DJI app, which automatically stores a low-resolution ...
New video shows drone crashing onto roof at Apple Park
Roberts flew a DJI Phantom 4 Pro over the campus, eventually discovering the crashed drone wedged in between rooftop solar panels. The craft appears to have been mostly intact, and its owner notified Apple about the incident. So far there's been no sign of a response, which may make the property's ...
Skydio R1 drone follows snowboarder through trees and shows off its amazing obstacle avoidance ...
We tried something similar with the DJI Mavic Air when I rode a bicycle down a hill but the DJI drone was not able to descend with me. See video here. Now, of course, the Mavic Air does not cost $2499 but once you have seen what the R1 can do it becomes a little more difficult to accept a lesser form of ...

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