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Awesome new visualization from NASA shows the turbulence created by a drone's props
NASA isn't alone in its thinking — DJI's latest cinema-level drone, the Matrice 600 Pro, uses six rotors. And E-Volor recently proved that an 18-rotor ...
NASA simulation shows slow-mo airflow around a DJI drone
The video below shows a simulation of the airflow around a quadcopter drone, in this case a DJI Phantom 3 model. The work was performed by ...
At CES 2017, Ambarella shows what to expect from drones in 2018
Most major drone makers today, including the world's largest drone manufacturer DJI, still rely on gimbals for image stabilization, meaning there could ...
Drone footage shows Tesla's Gigafactory taking shape
Fresh footage by Matthew Roberts, shot with a DJI Phantom 3 drone in 4K, shows how far the project has progressed. As expected, there's still a long ...
DJI Shows off Their Commitment to the Enterprise Drone Market at AirWorks
20161202_080737 What sort of drone and application do you picture when you think of DJI? Is it a hobbyist with a Phantom, grabbing video footage of ...
WATCH: New Drone Video Shows Apple's 'Spaceship' Campus Nearly Done
David Sexton posted drone video on Nov. ... and decided to send up his DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone into the air over Apple's new campus.

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