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Drones, Data and Security: DJI's Mario Rebello Meets the Issue Head On at InterDrone
DJI's Mario Rebello took the stage at InterDrone this morning to talk about drones, data and security. Rebello met the issue of drone security head on.
InterDrone: 3DR, Yuneec partner to ease US government drone security fears
California-based drone software company 3DR has joined forces with Chinese drone manufacturer Yuneec to form 3DR Government Services. The ...
Could tethered drones be the future of event security?
The tether connects to drones made by DJI, the largest drone manufacturer in the world, and it is finding a receptive audience with law enforcement ...
Cleared for Takeoff – what you need to know about using drones for your security business
... and their “SME-friendly” commercial derivatives from the likes of DJI and Yuneec means that it has never been easier to introduce drone technology ...
DJI releases report to ease drone data security fears
Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has released an independent report in a bid to combat past data security fears. When you deliver technology that's highly-sophisticated and accessible enough for anybody to use, you can bet that security researchers will start delving into your operations to make sure ...
DJI Releases Results of Data Security Study
DJI has released the summary of a report the drone manufacturer commissioned into its data security practices. The report, carried out by San Francisco-based Kivu Consulting, confirms that DJI users have control over how their data is collected, stored and transmitted. The summary is available for ...

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