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Elistair Tethered Drones Deployed for Security and News Coverage During the Super Bowl
The news agency's DJI M200 drone was tethered to an Elistair Ligh-T and operated by Vector Aerial. The system was set on the rooftop of the CNN ...
Tethered drone tech approved by FAA for broadcasting and security at the Super Bowl
The tethered drone setup was a DJI M200 drone with an Elistair Light-T and was operated by Vector Aerial. The system was strategically set on the ...
Drone firms pitch security solutions to avoid government clampdown
A similar offer came from Hong Kong-based drone manufacturer DJI, the largest in the market. Although, DJI said it had already been developing its ...
Inclement Weather Grounds NYPD Security Drones During NYE
The NYPD's drone equipment includes 11 DJI Mavic Pro quadcopters, two DJI Matrice 210 TDK quadcopters and one DJI Inspire 2 quadcopter.
What kept the NYPD from flying security drones on New Year's Eve?
This was not only because it didn't want to damage its drones, but also ... The NYPD fleet consists of 11 DJI Mavic Pro quadcopters, two DJI Matrice ...
The Sunflower drone security system for your home
Let's take a closer look at the Sunflower drone security system and how they ... Buy your next drone through directly from manufacturers, such as DJI, ...
Panel says purchase of Chinese tech could leave US vulnerable to security breach
This warning explicitly links to the importation of DJI drones, purchase of which was suspended for a short time earlier this year until a cybersecurity ...

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