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I2 battery sets
I have 5 sets of batteries and one set the percentage is off one will be 50% an the other will be 46% it's only on one set of batteries. All the others are consistent and equal .
Inspire 2 Battery Firmware - Inconsistent Firmware
Yesterday, I was doing some video footage of a drilling rig. After swapping out batteries for a fresh set, my DJI Go App 4 displayed a warning that I had inconsistent battery firmware and would not fly. It is just one battery, as I have 3 pairs for use. I don't see any firmware updates on teh DJI website, or any threads discussing this "issue". Any thoughts?Thanks in advance!!
Works only one battery on right side HELP
Hi everyone, I just bought INSPIRE 2 a few days ago and I found that only one battery works at the same time. To be exactly only on the right side of the drone. On dji go 4 I get warning that I have to put more batteries, and there is no info about second battery in DJI go 4. If I change batteries left to right and otherwise. Still works only that battery which is on the right side. I have newest drone firmware. Also.. then I put battery to the left side white light appears. But during...Works only one battery on right side HELP
Battery Warmers for TB47/TB48
Can anyone offer some advice on which battery warmer i should purchase for my TB47s & TB48s? Any advice greatly received
Discharging TB50 battery
Does the TB50 Smart Battery have an automatic self discharge capability to transition it into a 'storage' charge level? I noticed in the Go 4 App that under the battery section there is an area where charge (discharge?) time can be selected. Is this for a battery self discharge mode? If so, how long does it take the battery to perform the self discharge feature?Thanks!
This looks promising for broken battery cell
I wish that I knew this before disposing of broken cell batteryDJI Inspire One Battery Revival... - PaulJC

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