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Interstate Roof Systems Consultants Adds New High-Tech Drone Technology, Expediting ...
The new DJI Inspire 1 drone with a Flir Zenmuse XT infrared camera can reduce the time for a roof assessment by 50 percent. The agile craft also has ...
Loveland Innovations Just Improved Drone Roof Inspections
The approach positions the drone in a way that limits potential image distortion and lays the groundwork for further image capture. Previously, Loveland entered a partnership with DJI under which world's largest drone retailer supplies the Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2.0 and the Matrice 200 family ...
New video shows drone crashing onto roof at Apple Park
Roberts flew a DJI Phantom 4 Pro over the campus, eventually discovering the crashed drone wedged in between rooftop solar panels. The craft appears to have been mostly intact, and its owner notified Apple about the incident. So far there's been no sign of a response, which may make the property's ...
A drone crashed on the solar roof of Apple Park [video]
Last weekend somebody flew what seems to be his (or her) DJI Phantom drone over Apple Park and accidentally crashed it onto the solar roof. The drone pilot then turned to Matthew Roberts, who posted a video of the 'rescue operation' on YouTube, for assistance in locating the unmanned aerial ...
Setting an orbit mission from roof of a tall building
Just wondering if I should set the height in my mission to include the ASL height plus the height of the building plus an additional 20 metres or so in order to get the flight in?Or do I just set it at 20 metres or so because the Inspire knows the height I'm taking off from?Thanks
Roof survey required south wales
we have a roof survey requirement in south wales to be completed in the next 5 working days.pref inspire with Z32 storey semi detached£200 plus vat if registered.please email (Link removed by moderator) for further details.commercial pfaw and insurance required.thanks for looking.
Roof inspection
I mostly photograph for real estate agents and the press, but has recently been asked if I can film a roof on a church before a final inspection.Have never done this before, and wondering if there is something I should consider, think of..What I think of is to pull down the gain, so it is not as quick in acceleration. ATTI? But perhaps become dangerous if you fly close and there comes a gust of wind?Will work my way from side to side up to the ridge and then vertically up and down the...Roof inspection

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