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TDC SCORED: Part 1 of Rick Smith's review of DJI's Mavic Pro
The first time around, Rick did an amazingly thorough review of the prosumer DJI Phantom 4 Pro. So thorough, in fact, that his review clocked in at ...
TDC SCORED: Rick Smith ranks the DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Portability (3/4) – While it's the same size as the previous Phantom 4, we were hoping DJI might have made some changes that allow the quad to pack ...
Letters: Proud of Rick Scott
You have to give President Obama credit for the speed in which he reacted to the threat of a toy drone flying over the White House fence by calling for ...
First Dummy to Brick OSMO with I1 X3
Got it 24 Dec.. Used it all day. Then used it the morning of Christmas to film the kids (Thank the gods that worked, wife would have my head otherwise).. Christmas Afternoon, power up, informed of firmware update (I was current using the I1 the day before), and without much thought, I updated the firmware using the DJI app... AND THAT MUST BE WHERE THE ISSUE IS!Inital issue after update, Wifi connectivity was intermittent, very unstable. We are talking 15 seconds of connection, then...First Dummy to Brick OSMO with I1 X3

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