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DJI Drones Restricted Temporarily In The UK
The Civil Aviation Authority in the UK has restricted DJI drones due to certain issues of the drones failing mid- air. The authorities have issued a safety ...
Drones fly over restricted US military air space near White House twice a day on average
... of the drones were reportedly manufactured by popular brands such as DJI ... Around 52 unauthorised drones were found entering restricted military ...
DJI Drones Restricted Until Owner Details Registered
The range and functionality of drones continues to improve, but the responsible and safe use of drones clearly isn't. Just last month, drone maker DJI ...
DJI Drone Flights restricted by software: unless you're registered
A new activation process is about to come into place with DJI drones getting a new firmware update that will require activation before advanced flights ...
DJI Restricted Zone
hi all,We've just turned up to film a charity track day at an RAF station and for the first time ever I've got the restricted zone message. We've filmed before on behalf of the RAF and at other active airfields and have never had a problem. Anyone know if there's a work round or are we stuck? I understand the logic behind it and fully agree with it, however if you're a professional company that has been booked by the airfield owners there should be some way of disabling it. Extremely...DJI Restricted Zone
DJI is making it easier to keep your drone away from restricted areas
The largest drone manufacturer in the world DJI, announced it will soon be releasing new software that will help to prevent owners flying their aircraft ...

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