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DJI urges caution in evaluating reports of drone incidents
This morning DJI has sent out an official statement urging people to be cautious in evaluating reports of drone incidents and also say that the recent ...
737 Passenger Plane Slams Into Drone During Landing, Reports Say
In the US, there has been one National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation into a midair drone strike: earlier this year, a DJI drone ...
Here's What Investors Will Be Watching When Ambarella Reports Results
Ambarella has blamed the weakness on "lower demand for non-GoPro sports camera, the VR market remaining nascent, and the drone market leader, ...
UK Police Ground DJI Drones After Reports Falling Out of Sky
BBC Radio 5 Live reported news of UK police grounding some of their drones because of a fault that means the devices can fall out of the sky.
Skylogic Research reports findings from 2018 drone industry survey
Skylogic Research, LLC has announced the release of its third annual 2018 Drone Market Sector Report, examining worldwide drone sales, service ...
Axon Reports Second Quarter Results; Software Annual Recurring Revenue of $93 Million
We added key capabilities through new partnerships with DJI and Milestone Systems, bringing drone and CCTV compatibility to our network. We also ...
Drones Saving More Lives, Being Adopted by More Public Safety Agencies, Reports Skyfire ...
Drone manufacturer DJI calls it a "marked new milestone in public safety ... Pruitt, who worked with Skyfire to start his drone program, says he's flying ...

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