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DJI Flight Simulator software – DJI releases new version
DJI releases a new version of their DJI Flight Simulator software. ... With this update, they have added the Mavic 2 Pro drone to both the free trial ...
Trump administration releases proposed drone rules and regulatory changes
More than two years after receiving warnings about a regulatory loophole that could put law enforcement at risk from booby-trapped drones, the ...
UK Government Releases Report on Drone Regulation Consultation, DJI Responds
The UK Government has announced its intention to move forward with plans to extend existing regulations around drone use. The report, published in ...
DJI finally releases a $650 Mavic 2 controller with built-in screen
The $650 controller includes a 5.5-inch screen that can display images streamed from the connected drone in full HD resolution. DJI says this screen ...
DJI Releases a Slew of Ronin-S Accessories
Drone and camera stabilizer maker DJI announced the release of nine new accessories for the Ronin-S single-handed camera stabilization system.
DJI Releases Osmo Pocket — Hybrid of Drone and GoPro
Tighten your purse strings, otherwise Osmo Pocket, the smallest handheld stabilized camera released by Chinese drone company DJI on Nov.29, will ...
DJI releases cute little Osmo Pocket gimbal for a price of $349 in the US
DJI's handheld gimbal is the smallest that the company has ever made. The company claims that it offers that the Osmo Pocker offers drone-like ...

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