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Drone regulation concerns cast shadow over industry
Until incentives are provided for the largest commercial and consumer drone manufacturers, such as DJI, they are unlikely to proactively engage with ...
Drone Advisory Group Raising Regulation Questions
Among those participating on the advisory group are representatives of some of the most significant drone manufacturers and operators including DJI ...
Drone Regulation Outlook is Good For Business, Not Consumers
Drone Regulation Outlook is Good For Business, Not Consumers ... but now the more expensive and larger drones like DJI don't require it either.
White House Announces Drone Regulation Pilot Program
One of the newspaper's sources complained that a representative of Shenzhen, China-based DJI, the world's leading small-drone manufacturer, ...
GovGuam, military officials discuss regulation of drones
In recent weeks, a DJI Mavic drone was found inside the DOC Mangilao compound. Baltazar says several days later, security cameras at the prison ...
UK Government announces drones regulation
The world's leading drone manufacturer, DJI has published a response to the weekend's news that the United Kingdom plans to introduce new safety ...
Let the States Lead on Drone Regulation
The Chinese-based manufacturer DJI is dominating the drone market, winning 50 percent of sales in North America alone. The only North American ...
Trump pledges to ease drone regulation, but some companies actually want more
President Donald Trump turned his attention to drones on Thursday as ... of the largest drone manufacturers, including Chinese drone maker DJI.

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