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New proposed French drone regulation requires remote drone identification – DJI Spark, Mavic Air ...
Earlier this week, we reported on proposed drone regulation from the Trump Administration that would allow federal officials to track, reroute or destroy your drone if needed. Now, we receive news from France where similar, but perhaps less drastic, new drone legislation and regulation is in the works as ...
Drone and drone pilot ID regulation likely to arrive in the US this year
Another person on the panel with Burleson was Adam Welsh, DJI's head of public policy for Asia-Pacific. Welsh argued that it is important for the regulators and the drone industry to work together in assessing the risks and to create a standard set of rules that can be implemented across the world.
Rise of the drone poses regulation headache for Australia
In anticipation, the drone industry has insisted the current regime is adequate and that more rules would limit the growing use of the devices. Chinese drone manufacturing giant DJI said the current rules are "sensible". "Australia has a real opportunity to be an innovator in this field," Mr Adam Welsh, from ...
What Impact Will Changing Regulation Have on the Commercial Drone Industry?
Solely creating software is flawed, mainly because there are currently no hardware developers creating “empty drones” –which require a third-party to integrate a software solution. The only other major player developing drone hardware platforms is DJI, and in general DJI does not integrate with other ...
Drone firms form association, demand changes in regulation: report
In a Facebook post, the body had invited members in categories like drone owner / assembler / manufacturer; hobbyist / UAV enthusiast; business / Individual looking to use drones for their enterprise; private player in the UAV industry providing industrial solutions; and owner of a DJI / small UAV in the ...
NTSB: Drone/Black Hawk Probably Collided Due to Drone Pilot's Lack of Safety, Regulation ...
According to the final report, the UH-60 was flying in Class G airspace some 300 feet above mean sea level (operating over the ocean) when it collided with a hobby drone — a DJI Phantom 4. The aircraft sustained minor damage; a 1.5-inch dent on the leading edge of one of the main rotor blades with ...
Drone regulation concerns cast shadow over industry
Until incentives are provided for the largest commercial and consumer drone manufacturers, such as DJI, they are unlikely to proactively engage with ...
Drone Advisory Group Raising Regulation Questions
Among those participating on the advisory group are representatives of some of the most significant drone manufacturers and operators including DJI ...

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