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Drone Remote Registration Coming
Drone Remote Registration Coming ... “DJI understands that accountability is a key part of responsible drone use, and we have outlined a proposal ...
The Argument Over Drone Registration Continues
By now, everyone in the drone communitiy knows about John Taylor's ... DJI, points out that the FAA's response doesn't prove that drone registration is ...
The FAA Wants to Check Drone Registration From a Distance
DJI was one of the 45 companies to offer a proposal, suggesting that drones could transmit their location and registration number via radio equipment.
China puts into effect new drone registration rules
A drone at DJI's first flagship store in Shenzhen, China in 2015. The country is the world's largest manufacturer of consumer drones. — Reuters.
DJI to Require Drone Registration to Activate Drones
Infographic: Drones: A Tech Growth Market in the United States | Statista WASHINGTON—Last week's court ruling vacating the federal drone ...
Federal Court Rules Hobbyist Drone Registration UNLAWFUL
Finally ! Some sanity to FAA craziness. The fight continues, but this is a start.Hobbyist Drone Registration Ruled Unlawful | Drone360 Magazine
FAA's drone registration rule suffers major setback
A Washington, D.C., court ruled Friday that the FAA drone registration rule violates the FAA ... DJI is the world's largest drone manufacturer. The court's ...
Real-name registration to start for drones
“It's necessary to have a national policy,” said a Shanghai-based drone flyer identified by online ID Paizhaolaodie, who purchased a DJI 4 three years ...

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