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CASA considering registration for drones over 250g
The Australian revealed last year that CASA had early-stage talks with Chinese drone manufacturer DJI about rolling out its geofencing system here.
The complete guide to US drone ownership: Rules, best practice, insurance and FAA registration
With Christmas just around the corner, the number of drones buzzing through the skies is sure to increase. With their ability to fly long distances for up to 30 minutes at a time, carry an Ultra HD camera and even navigate themselves, drones can make attractive gifts. But their performance has reached the ...
Time to register your drone again: Trump reinstates quadcopter registration rules
A law requiring all recreational drone owners to pay $5 to register their name and address with the Federal Aviation Administration has been reinstated by Donald ... The FAA had originally introduced such a rule in December 2015, which was welcomed by the industry and by drone makers like DJI.
It's Back – Drone Registration Now Required Again
The registration program was enacted without the usual comment period in reaction to the expected flood of recreational drones as holiday gifts. The idea, backed by major manufacturers like DJI, was to give the FAA an opportunity to present new drone operators with the basic rules of flight and to have ...
New law reinstates small drone registration in the US
Back in December 2015, the FAA announced that drone owners had to register any device over 0.55 pounds. The new rule was actually championed by big tech companies like Amazon and Google, and by drone industry players like Intel and DJI. Sensible regulations, they argued, would pave the way ...
Registration and Safety Courses Ahead for UK Drone Owners
Registration and Safety Courses Ahead for UK Drone Owners ... Drone manufacturer DJI has expressed its support of the governments plans.
UK to Require Drone Registration and Safety Tests
While the move may be unpopular with enthusiast camera drone photographers, Chinese manufacturer DJI has said it supports the change. The USA ...
DJI Responds to UK Registration Rules
CAA uk drone regulations registration and safety awareness The world's leading drone manufacturer, DJI has published a response to the weekend's ...

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