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DJI launches augmented reality drone flight simulator app for Epson smart glasses
Epson, the creators of the Moverio augmented reality smart glasses, has partnered with global drone leader DJI to create a realistic drone flight simulator app so pilots can fly a virtual unmanned aerial vehicle. Using the Epson Moverio BT300 FPV (first person view) smart glasses, it is now possible to fly ...
Get Augmented Reality Drone Lessons from Epson and DJI AR Smart Glasses
According to DroneLife, DJI and Epson, the latter most famous for its ... In other words, they've developed a drone flight simulator app with which ...
How I Flew a Drone Indoors and Over New York, Thanks to Augmented Reality
As announced Monday, Epson and its partner, the drone manufacturer DJI, have released the first drone simulator app designed for smart glasses.
What kind of UAV can you fly using Epson's augmented reality tech?
By linking Epson's Moverio AR glasses and DJI's Mavic Pro drone, the glasses will display a hologram of the drone that you operate using its remote.
Epson and DJI Collaborate on Augmented Reality Drone Flight Simulator App
Epson, providers of the Moverio AR smart eyewear platform, and DJI,the Chinese drone manufacturer, today announced the a glasses-based ...

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