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Transforming Drone FPV With Augmented Reality: See Epson Smart Glasses at Infocomm
As explained in DJI's Moverio tutorial, the BT-300FPV box includes the glasses, controller, charger, micro USB cable, carrying case, temple grips ...
Soaring through Peru: Berkeley student turns summer research into augmented reality app
With her eyes locked on the Inca ruins in front of her, UC Berkeley student Natalea Schager gently nudged a switch. A white DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone hovered on the horizon nearly 1,000 feet away and scanned the vast Sacsayhuamán Archaeological Park below. Flying a drone here in Cusco, ...
Edgybees Receives Funding for High-Speed Augmented Reality for Drones
The technology was applied to an AR racing game for drones, released in combination DJI in 2017. Following on from that, Edgybees published First Response, a drone-flying program used by emergency responders to orient themselves in perplexing surroundings and to better monitor rapidly evolving ...
DroneBase raises $12 million to bring augmented reality to aerial drone imagery
DroneBase, a drone services provider for businesses, has raised $12 million in a series B round of funding led by Union Square Ventures and Upfront Ventures, with participation from DJI, Hearst Ventures, and Pritzker Group. Founded out of Santa Monica in 2014, DroneBase is one of a number of ...
After drones flop, GoPro turns to virtual reality
The U.S. camera maker announced on Monday that it will drop the drone business it had entered in 2016 with the launch of the “Karma” drones. The big selling point was the option to mount GoPro action cameras directly onto the device, but tough competition from Chinese drone companies like DJI ate ...
Drone tracking plan moves US delivery by air closer to reality
SZ DJI Technology Co., the world's largest civilian drone manufacturer, issued a statement saying that the report helps pave the way for expanded drone uses, even with the disagreements. "There is still an important discussion to come about how to balance governmental needs and desires with the ...
DJI launches augmented reality drone flight simulator app for Epson smart glasses
Epson, the creators of the Moverio augmented reality smart glasses, has partnered with global drone leader DJI to create a realistic drone flight simulator app so pilots can fly a virtual unmanned aerial vehicle. Using the Epson Moverio BT300 FPV (first person view) smart glasses, it is now possible to fly ...

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