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Turn your ideas into reality – Heliguy launches R&D service
Heliguy has launched a new research and development department – to create bespoke items and offer custom-built solutions for commercial and ...
Multi-View Augmented and Virtual Reality from a Drone Perspective
Augmented Reality (AR) is not only a popular topic nowadays – it also enjoys a plethora applications where users have access to controllable ...
Vermeer Beta iPhone App Lets You Use Augmented Reality to Map Out Your Drone Flight
Augmented reality and drones already go together like turkey and stuffing, but a new iOS app adds some spice to the combination with a new kind of ...
Augmented Reality is here
The prize is a DJI Spark mini drone and controller, valued at $630, featuring intelligent controls so you can capture your projects with flare.
Drone spraying and spreading becoming reality
The drone garage door swings open, there's a rapid rise in the clearly audible buzz from a hundred propellers and a swarm of spraying drones heads ...
Augmented Reality App for DJI Drones Gives Real-time Flight Assistance to Pilots
The Drone Soar app allows users of DJI drones to see virtual objects in the ... Other features of the app to be used with DJI drones and the Moverio ...
Epson lets you pilot drones with its Moverio augmented reality glasses
Epson is releasing the app today to make it easier for drone pilots to navigate the skies while keeping the drone in full view. That's because you see ...

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