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Autograss racing second session
Here is our second session of autograss racing. The strong winds made it fun trying to keep up at times, but a great session which was then cut short by a rather heavy downpour.Shot with the Inspire 1 (X3) and Inspire 2 (X5S with Olympus 17mm).Thanks for watching!
Augmented Reality Drone Racing: DJI drone owners get into it
So you think you're a drone pilot right? Sure you can fly up above a local park – hey, you might even be able to fly out over the water and get some ...
Autograss racing with Inspire 2
Had a fun day videoing Autograss racing with the Inspire 2 (mainly, with a bit fro, the Inspire 1). Made ourselves quite dizzy standing in the centre cintrolling the drone round and round the relatively smalll circuit (covered 31 miles round and round in total).Captured with the X5S and Olympus 17mm lens. Hope you enjoy.
Drone Racing, Big Business in Small Drones.
It started as a hobby but has gotten big in popularity. The end result is a lucrative profession for those who appreciate the challenge. In fact, you can catch drone racing on ESPN and Sky Sports. This whole process has been gathering steam for sometime. Just ask the Drone Racing League. View attachment 13272
Leaked DJI Spark Looks Like A Little Mavic Pro: Is The Drone For Racing Or Selfies?
Leaked images of the next DJI drone, supposedly named the Spark, have surfaced, revealing what looks like a smaller version of the foldable Mavic ...
Is the DJI Spark a Selfie or a Racing Drone?
The race to put a camera drone in the palm of your hand is on, and DJI is aiming to release one sooner rather than later. It has already registered the ...
Team BlackSheep's Vendetta is a fast racing drone with high learning curve
There's a professional drone racing league, live streaming and even ... Regarding my personal drone-flying experience: I've flown DJI, Parrot and ...

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