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DJI Karma Pro 2 – The Drone With Two 4K Cameras!
Well, sort of. With some simple industrial grade tape and a handheld gimbal carrying a GoPro Hero 4, the DJI Karma Pro 2 was born. This “new” drone ...
Stacy Garlington: DJI Drone Photography Pro
He pulls out a contraption she's never seen before: A first-generation DJI Phantom drone with a GoPro stuck to the bottom of it. “It was my first time ever ...
DJI's Mavic Pro, Goggles, Provide FPV Freedom
Then in 2013 photos and YouTube videos from the then-new DJI Phantom became popular. (Back then they didn't call it the Phantom 1; it was just the ...
Soaring up with DJI Mavic Pro
The DJI Mavic Pro is a relatively small and portable drone weighing in at just 734 grams. It comes with a simple trick up its sleeve—a foldable hinge ...
Prosumer Drones Continue to Gain Ground in Pro Video with SlingStudio Solutions
Sling Media, a subsidiary of DISH Network Corp, has introduced a platform compatible with DJI drones. It's a match that works on both sides. As DJI ...
Drone World Takes Mavic Pro MaXX Mod Kit to All New Level
One of the most popular drones of the past year is the DJI Mavic Pro, highly coveted for its compact size, substantial range, and uncanny ability to ...
Master Your Mavic Pro For Photos and Video
One of the most popular aftermarket accessories for both the Mavic Pro and the Phantom line of DJI drones are neutral density (or ND) filters.
DJI Mavic Pro Flies Within 300 Feet of Airplanes on Approach
“Recently there have been media reports of unauthorized flight control parameter modifications that enable DJI drones to circumvent built-in safety ...

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