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You Mean 3DR is Back with a Pro Drone?
Just when you think 3DR is licking its wounds from a Solo disaster, the company bounces back with a Sony camera no less. Certain admirers of the Solo may be upset but it is a wise move for the company. With the drone industry charting into uncertain waters, Yuneec, 3DR and Go Pro have all had their lessons in reality. However, 3DR is back with the Site Scan Drone. View attachment 13395
DJI Launch FPV Goggles For Mavic Pro, Phantom And Inspire Range
DJI have just announced their first set of FPV Goggles, a first-person view system that opens up the sky, giving drone pilots a seamless bird's eye view ...
FS in UK - Used Mavic Pro Fly More Combo with Care Refresh, Somerset
I bought Mavic Pro Combo on pre-order but have only flown it 26 times - so I cant really justify keeping it.I am looking for £1200 Or Nearest Offer (inc the remaining Care Refresh)Used but in fantastic condition with no damage and everything 100% working.I took out the DJI Care Refresh cover (never used) which cost £99 and runs to the 28th of January 2018.It has all the combo accessories minus the bag and including all the retail boxes.I didn't like the DJI bag so replaced it with...FS in UK - Used Mavic Pro Fly More Combo with Care Refresh, Somerset
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Still One Solid Drone To Have
DJI Phantom 4 Pro is still considered as one of the best drones at present times. With the release of many other drones, many have attempted to come ...
LEAKED: Zerotech To Release A Drone That Borrows Heavily From Mavic Pro
TDC has learned that drone company Zerotech is planning to release a drone this summer that borrows heavily on the design of the DJI Mavic Pro.
Inspire pro slave no video
Been a while since i used the slave controller. Connects ok because i can move the gimbal, but no picture. Also seem to have fewer details in the controller menu, like nowhere to specify slave/master and no adjustment for gimbal speeds. Any thoughts. All firmware, dji go and ipad software are up to date.

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