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Propeller PPK gets survey-grade data from a DJI drone… with one GCP
The Propeller PPK was developed in cooperation with DJI to pair with the affordable Phantom 4 RKT drone. When you use the system, you simply lay ...
Propeller, DJI Launch New PPK Drone Solution
Propeller Aero, a cloud-based drone analytics company, has announced a partnership with DJI to create the Propeller PPK Solution leveraging the ...
Aerial survey solution with DJI Phantom + PPK Kit can reduce project cost
It is a ready to fly and easy to use DJI drone with additionally installed GNSS receiver connected with modified and calibrated camera, everything you ...
BAAM Tech PPK system for DJI
BAAM Tech releases their new PPK system for the DJI Phantom for $2,500 installed on the Phantom 4. The system is designed to streamline the ...
Klau PPK drone module hits Aussie market
Position Parters says that the Klau PPK unit can be integrated onto almost any drone, citing seamless integration with DJI's Phantom 4 Pro, Matrice ...
Klau Geomatics Brings PPK Positioning Kits for UAVs to Japan
Then a DJI Inspire2 drone equipped with the KlauPPK kit captured data at a 10mm ground sampling distance. The Klau Geomatics post processing software geo-tagged the images in the local Japanese coordinate system and geoid model. A better than 30mm accuracy was achieved in XYZ from ...
GeoCue Rolls out Kit for Equipping sUAS with PPK GNSS
By solving the problem of connecting the virtual camera trigger on DJI drones to our AsteRx-m2 GNSS engine, they can achieve professional mapping ...
Klau Geomatics PPK brings precision mapping to DJI drones
Klau Geomatics, an innovative Australian technology company, has announced a new PPK system for the DJI Matrice100. Support for other DJI ...

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