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Klau Geomatics Brings PPK Positioning Kits for UAVs to Japan
Then a DJI Inspire2 drone equipped with the KlauPPK kit captured data at a 10mm ground sampling distance. The Klau Geomatics post processing software geo-tagged the images in the local Japanese coordinate system and geoid model. A better than 30mm accuracy was achieved in XYZ from ...
Inspire Pro, Satellite positioning off + Lens not connected ?? Help
Hi everyoneThese are the messages I was getting this eveing on my I1P. This is a screenshot from just after I turned it off. While it was on I had 15 Satellites, so I dont understand? Also the lens was connected, I detached and re attached twice to make sure. This was my was first flight too since having the Inspire repaired by Dji, it was delivered today. I'm charging another battery now and I'm going to go through and recalibrate everything. Has anyone experienced this before? The...Inspire Pro, Satellite positioning off + Lens not connected ?? Help
vision positioning cable
anyone know what the cable is called that connects to the vision positioning? i need to replace just the cable. thank you.
Vision Positioning System and Water
Hello, I have recently acquired a Inspire 1 and have read that the vision positioning system should be turned off over water. I have not flow my inspire 1 of water as of today. In the DJI manual it says "operate with caution" over certain surfaces water is mentioned. Does any one have any recommendations or experience. Appreciate your comments.
Satellite Positioning Off error
Gear : Inspire 1 Pro with latest firmware, iPhone 6 on Pilot, iPad Air 2 on Camera OperatorUpdated to the latest firmware - Inspire 1 Pro Firmware v1.8.1.00 and here are some feedbacks:1) As attached, I got this error, Stelitte Positioning Off, fly with caution error. Twice out of 4 flights this error came up before take off. Satellites was at 12 + . Anyone else getting this error on an i1 Pro?2) Video Signal quality was low on both controllers (Pilot and Camera Operator) and RTH...Satellite Positioning Off error
Vision Positioning System usage
I've not flown over water at a low altitude before, but I have a mission I'm thinking about and I'm thinking about flying about 5-10 feet above the water and wanted to know what the deal is with using the VPS while flying over water. There are videos where they say to turn it off but don't give much info about why or under what conditions one should turn it off. I would think the VPS would be irrelevant above about 10 feet and would like confirmation of that or maybe a more precise...Vision Positioning System usage

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