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SkyWatch.AI Launches Industry-First Drone Safety and Insurance Platform to Enable Safer Pilots to ...
The SkyWatch app supports purchasing insurance for all types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, under 55 pounds. In DJI drones, for Android devices and very soon on iOS, operators can also get real-time hazard warnings based off of the drone's telemetry, calculating a proprietary "safety ...
DJI Drone Creates Open Drone Platform
Drone manufacturer DJI has opened its commercial drone platform with an SDK and DJI Skyport adapter. The open platform can be used by developers can to create customised drone solutions for specific application or industry needs. Developers will be able to work with DJI's commercial Matrice 200 ...
ADI to be a new platform for drone industry
US: DJI has announced the creation of an Alliance for Drone Innovation (ADI). Formed by major players in the drone industry, most importantly the original Drone Manufacturers Alliance members GoPro, DJI, and 3DR, it would provide a platform for both professional and personal drone makers, ...
DJI: Alliance for Drone Innovation Provides New Platform for Key Players
Drone market players in the USA are facing up to the reality of a shake up as countries and regions across the globe tighten up regulations, in response to the increasing considerations of the implications of growing drone use. Topics such as safe integration of drones into airspace, preventing incursions ...
DJI opens up their commercial drone platform with SDK and DJI Skyport
After having introduced the DJI Zenmuse XT2 at the Menlo Park Fire headquarters in California, the Chinese drone maker announced that they will open up their commercial drone platform (Matrice 200 Series) with a SDK and SkyPort adapter.
DJI partners with blockchain-based sharing platform ShareRing
DJI partners with the blockchain-based sharing platform ShareRing to share or rent their drones to governments, corporations, and other parties. ShareRing was launched in July 2017 in Melbourne Australia and aims to make it easier to share things and services with other people around the world.
TOP TEN: Most popular drones used by UAV service providers on an industrial platform
DJM Aerial Solutions, a Middlesbrough-based commercial drone service provider, has ranked survey drones and revealed the nation's top ten drones used by UAV service providers on an industrial platform. The company has created a list of the top ten industrial drone technology that are commonly ...
Drones Now Have a Platform For Good
Hangar OnDemand for Communities support nonprofits worldwide by providing an end-to-end platform that is open to all, and easy to engage volunteers who own DJI drones to become contributors to nonprofit communities. The ability to easily define imagery to be planned and executed autonomously ...

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