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GDU Launches SAGA: infrared, open platform industrial drone
GDU Launches SAGA: infrared, open platform industrial drone ... Buy your next drone through directly from manufacturers, such as DJI, Parrot, Yuneec ...
Security Experts Find Vulnerabilities in DJI's Drone Platform
Researchers at Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. and DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, have shared ...
AirMap selects Microsoft Azure to power traffic management platform for drones
AirMap will partner with Microsoft to evolve their products and scale to countries looking to enable the use of drones for commercial scenarios in a ...
AirMap Chooses Microsoft Azure as its Trusted Cloud Platform for Responsible Drone Use
AirMap connects the majority of the world's drones to airspace authorities through integrations with major drone manufacturers such as DJI, Intel, ...
FLIR and Dronesense Partner on Software Platform for First Responders
Thermal imaging specialists FLIR Systems have plenty of interest in the drone industry, particularly when it comes to public safety. The Oregon-based ...
Airbus taps Mobilicom's SkyHopper for its drone innovation platform
Mobilicom says SkyHopper Pro has already been integrated into Airbus' innovation DJI drone commercial platform solution, which aims to “broaden ...

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