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TOP TEN: Most popular drones used by UAV service providers on an industrial platform
DJM Aerial Solutions, a Middlesbrough-based commercial drone service provider, has ranked survey drones and revealed the nation's top ten drones used by UAV service providers on an industrial platform. The company has created a list of the top ten industrial drone technology that are commonly ...
Drones Now Have a Platform For Good
Hangar OnDemand for Communities support nonprofits worldwide by providing an end-to-end platform that is open to all, and easy to engage volunteers who own DJI drones to become contributors to nonprofit communities. The ability to easily define imagery to be planned and executed autonomously ...
Kittyhawk Rolls out New Features on Drone Operations Platform
Kittyhawk, a provider of commercial drone operations software, has announced a comprehensive set of new features for its platform: multi-party, ... DJI recently implemented this feature in its flight controller and software development kits to help address security concerns about sensitive data that ...
Real-time AI platform startup EdgyBees raises $5.5 million seed round to save lives with ...
Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Edgybees' technology was first applied to an AR racing game for drones, released in conjunction with drone leader DJI in early 2017. Later that year, Edgybees released First Response, a drone-flying app being used by emergency responders to orient themselves ...
DroneBase Announces Series B & Confirms AirCraft Pro AR Platform
Drone pilot and services platform DroneBase has today announced $12 million in Series B funding to expand its drone ops and services for enterprise. Backers include Union Square Ventures, Upfront Ventures, DJI, Hearst Ventures and Pritzker Group. The move brings DroneBase's total funding to over ...
Review: Fat Lama's Peer to Peer Rental Platform
Now, being an efficient drone journalist, the aim was to rent a drone that we haven't reviewed yet, and then write articles for both the drone and the rental process. However, that's where we ran into the first issue. The plan was to rent a DJI Mavic Air, the latest drone from the Chinese manufacturer, which ...
NSF Grant to Advance NY Tech Company's Drone Navigation Platform
... safety risks and are often GPS-denied, such as under bridges, inside buildings and tunnels, and across challenging terrains. AutoModality's enterprise solutions consist of an off-the-shelf drone, such as a DJI M200; a mobile computer; a sensor package; and proprietary Perceptive Navigation software.
3DR Site Scan Drone Platform Integrates With Autodesk Project Management System
3DR has announced a new integration of its Site Scan drone platform with ... It was most recently integrated with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone and ...

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