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Is it a Bird? Is it a plane? Is it a bomb? Security Concerns Hold Back Drones
The drone economy has stalled, and the reasons have shifted. ... Affairs for DJI explains, “Responsible drone operators understand that Remote ID is a ...
Virgin plane reports close shave with drone
“The flight crew from VA329 visually saw a drone on approach into ... was being collected by Chinese technology produced by global drone giant DJI.
Heathrow drone sighting: What could a drone strike do to a plane?
Within three-hundredths of a second, the drone smashed into the plane's wing, ... DJI called the collision scenario between the drone and the airplane ...
Gatwick airport closed: How high can a drone fly? What happens if a drone hits a plane?
Tens of thousands of passengers stand to be affected after drone sightings in ... DJI called the collision scenario between the drone and the airplane ...
737 Passenger Plane Slams Into Drone During Landing, Reports Say
In the US, there has been one National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation into a midair drone strike: earlier this year, a DJI drone ...
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Developments in global drone legislation
A recent decision by Peterborough Magistrate's Court found a drone ... of a £30 victim surcharge; his £900 DJI Phantom 4 drone was also seized.
Who Needs a Plane? Jetpacks, Hot Air Balloons and 3 Other Ways to Get High Without Wings
Its carbon fiber body saves weight, which means Hoversurf was able to install larger batteries that can keep the personal drone aloft for 10 to 25 ...

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