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FAA no longer allows hobby drone pilots to fly in controlled airspace
The FAA dealt a serious blow to hobby drone pilots when they released these ... Buy your next drone through directly from manufacturers, such as DJI, ...
Hollywood drone pilots reveal the cameras used on feature films at AUVSI 2019
Whether digital or film, these cameras are not small and neither are the drones that lift them. You might suspect that DJI dominates on film sets like ...
DJI partners with RMUS to open 8 training centres across the United States
With most pilots flying DJI's suite of reliable and powerful drone platforms, DJI is pleased to announce efforts that will help pilots quickly learn the ...
New Racing Drone Market Outlook Analysis by Top Kay-players as DJI, Hubsan, Parrot, 3D ...
Racing Drone s are part of a sport in which drone pilots strive to build extremely fast and agile multirotors to fly around a certain course. The Racing ...
DJI and RMUS Expand the UTC Program for Drone Training to North America
To help drone pilots in the US quickly learn the fundamentals of flying, DJI has partnered with Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems (RMUS) to create ...
DJI to Launch UTC Training Center Program Across North America
DJI's motivation for the move is clear. In a blog post published by the company today, they cite the vast increase in commercial drone pilots, the ...
DJI announces new Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Center
This morning, DJI announced that the drone maker will start a special drone training program to bring new drone pilots up to speed quickly. It is called ...
New DJI Smart Controller firmware – v01.00.0530
Today, DJI released a new DJI Smart Controller firmware update. ... However, the most interesting new feature for most commercial drone pilots is the ...

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