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The Sky Is Not The Limit: Unbelievable Footage Captured By Professional Drone Pilot
Unlike common consumer drones like DJI's excellent models, this drone would lack features like safety warnings, return to home, and pilot assist ...
This epic video is what happens when a pro racing drone pilot turns on the camera
But that's largely because most people shooting drone videos are all using the same drones. The vast majority of which are made by DJI. DJI makes ...
Drone pilot tries to fly drugs into prison ends up in jail himself
Drone pilot tries to fly drugs into prison ends up in jail himself ... Buy your next drone through directly from manufacturers, such as DJI, Parrot, Yuneec ...
Timeline: How dangerous drone pilot managed to shut down Gatwick
Here's the thing - the largest seller of drones, DJI, all have built in systems that prevent the operator from flying close to airports, to stop things like this ...
Dronelife's 2018 Drone Pilot Christmas Gift List
For aerial photography, we'd recommend the DJI Spark. The tiny drone shoots full-HD video, comes in a range of colors and is relatively inexpensive ...
Top 5 Drone App to Make You a Better Drone Pilot
Before flying, one should check the weather conditions; and Hove Drone app provides you with that information along with mapping and location ...
Fluidity Technologies' new flight controller to heighten pilot precision
Targeted at commercial experts and hobbyists alike, the FT Aviator drone controller was designed by a former NASA astronaut, pilot and physician.
Piloting a business (Drone pilot starts unusual company from his home)
Dan Sellers, owner of Aerial Frog, a videography and 3D imaging service, displays his Lumix GHS camera attached to a DJI Ronin Gimble mount.

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