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Blurry edge on all photos
I have blurry edges on both video and stills. Shooting ISO100 with Olympus 9-18mm on Kingston U1 card. Have contacted DJI today so still still no answer. Anything similar out there?
Photos Leaked Of Folding Mavic Competitor From ZeroTech, Makers Of Dobby
The photos published on drone-rumour site suggest a folding format drone, similar to the Mavic Pro but slightly smaller in size.
The Winning Photos from DJI's 2016 SkyPixel Photo Contest
DJI has announced the winning photos of its 2016 SkyPixel Photo Contest, which honors the best aerial and drone photos captured around the world ...
5 things I learned taking photos with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro
DJI released the Phantom 4 Pro back in December, and we were lucky enough to take one out for a week. But is it good for taking photos? Yes, yes it ...
Simultaneous video and photos on Inspire 2
I am almost 100% sure that this feature existed when I first got my I2. Did it go away or am I becoming senile?
Help, photos back
DJI Inspire ProError. Today I photographed and filmed. After replacing lens with all previous shots overridden by new ones. Does anyone have a some experience?photograph - change the lens, and a new battery - photographing - the original photo is overwritten by new
Example Photos
Hi Everyone,I work for a small forest management firm in Scotland.We are currently considering expanding into aerail survey work.For they type of work we would conduct, we'd require the camera point at 90degrees to the drone body, i.e. pointed directly at the ground.I'm struggling to find any photos which show this.In the UK, we are not allowed to fly more than 400ft (120metres) above ground.So, I'm after a bit of a favour. If someone could help me by flying to this altitude,...Example Photos
Camera settings to capture 12MP photos
Where in the DJI app can I up the MP in the photo settings? Such a simple thing to do but I can't find it. I need to take a JPG in 4:3 and it needs to be 12MP. Any help appreciated.Sent from my iPad using InspirePilots

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