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Stunning aerial photos show Houston in a Winter Wonderland
A Cypress man has captured Houston's snowfall Thursday night in some breathtaking high definition videos. Axel Kirchgessner, 56, took his DJI Mavic drone up at 7 a.m. Friday over Cypress's Timberlake Estates. "It was just beautiful," Kirchgessner told Friday morning. "The beauty of the ...
This Photographer Melted His Drone Shooting Photos of Lava
While shooting for two weeks in Hawaii last month, Israeli photographer Erez Marom's drone had an Icarus experience. Marom flew his $1,500 DJI ...
Drone takes NIU photos and videos to new heights
The DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone – nicknamed NIU Mission 1 – took its first official flight during move-in day last month, and initial footage captured has ...
Mavic Pro Platinum Photos Leak, Is This DJI's IFA Product Announcement
The DJI Mavic Platinum, speculated to be launched at the 31st August IFA event ... here is the 'Platinum' text written on the left-hand arm of the drone.
Some Quick Tips for Taking Drone Photos
Coming to you from Mango Street, this tutorial will show you how to take better stills with your drone. Both the DJI Spark and DJI Mavic Pro have ...
Master Your Mavic Pro For Photos and Video
One of the most popular aftermarket accessories for both the Mavic Pro and the Phantom line of DJI drones are neutral density (or ND) filters.
Vertical lines and dots on videos and photos
My Inspire 1 / X3 camera has all of a sudden started to show a lot of vertical lines and dots or squares on the video recordings and photos. These problems is also visible directly in the mobile phone screen.It is both some kind of red and white dots or squares all over the videos / photos in random places, and also black vertical lines all over the videos and photos.Actually i think that the vertical lines is always present even at those times when it looks as if there are only the red...Vertical lines and dots on videos and photos

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