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FAA wants to let drones fly over people, and at night
Support for the new proposed rules are already coming in, including from DJI, which makes commercial and also consumer drones such as the Mavic ...
Proposed Rules Would Allow Drone Flights at Night, Over People
The proposal would also allow for "routine" drone flights over people without a ... Meanwhile, Drone maker DJI said it welcomes the proposed rules.
FAA lays out its plan to ease restrictions on drones flying at night and over people
DJI Phantom drone A DJI Phantom ... If the proposed regulations go into effect, drone flights at night and over people could become more routine.
DJI Welcomes Proposed Rules For Drone Flights At Night And Over People
DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, welcomes the U.S. Department of Transportation's proposals announced ...
This Drone Parachute Lets You Legally Fly Over Crowds of People
The Alaska-based company Indemnis has announced that its Nexus parachute system for the DJI Inspire 2 drone has been certified as being ...
This Drone Parachute May Help Clear the Airways for Drone Flights over People
The Indemnis Nexus parachute for the DJI Inspire 2 drone has been proved compliant with new international standards for drone parachutes after a ...
Why people are being turned away from one of New South Wales' most iconic beaches.
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We are woefully unprepared to counter people flying drones with malicious intent
By April last year, it had become such a regular occurrence in China that the drone manufacturer DJI offered £112,000 for information about anyone ...

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