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DJI forcing drone owners to register and activate their accounts, or else
#Dji just recently launched their $499 DJI Spark Miniature camera drone, which is expected to become available by the middle of next month.
DJI is requiring owners to register their drones... or else
The company just instituted a software update that will require every DJI drone owner — old and new — to register and/or sign and activate their DJI ...
China to require drone owners to register using their real names
Mainland Chinese pilots of recreational drones such as the Phantom and Mavic models sold by DJI will have to register with the country's civilian ...
Augmented Reality Drone Racing: DJI drone owners get into it
So you think you're a drone pilot right? Sure you can fly up above a local park – hey, you might even be able to fly out over the water and get some ...
DJI Offers $145K to Catch Flight-Disrupting Drone Owners
Posting on the Chinese version of its website, DJI classed these drone flights as "acts of evil" and pledged up to a one million yuan ($145,000) reward ...
Seagate's New Hard Drive Is Meant For Drone Owners
Seagate today announced the launch of a new hard drive that's meant for drone owners. The drive itself is called DJI Fly Drive which should leave no ...
DJI Comes up with a New Way to Identify Drone Owners
In an effort to allow U.S. authorities to identify drone owners, DJI has proposed an electronic identification framework for unmanned aircraft systems ...

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