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Video: Smartphone app offers a cheaper way to monitor crops with a drone
Developed by Northumbria-based Drone Ag, the Skippy Scout app will fly the farmer's drone and collect high-resolution images at various points in the ...
Drone Nerds Offers Sentera Precision Agriculture Solutions
Drone Nerds Inc., the largest UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) distributor in the United States today announced availability of Sentera's solutions.
Drone In Development Offers 2-Hour Flying Time
The battery performance in drones has come a long way in recent years—but it's still pretty sparse. Even models regarded as flagships—say, the DJI ...
A photojournalist's homecoming exhibition offers new insights
But somehow I kept at my drone photography and it was lucky that I went for it,” says Loh who describes the drone as “God's gift to photographers”.
Sentera Offers Gimbaled Sensor Packages for DJI Inspire, Matrice Drones
Sentera's Quad sensor is now available in an integrated, gimbal-stabilized package for DJI Inspire and Matrice drones. Featuring four customizable ...
DJI Offers New Enterprise Drone Protection Plan
DJI has introduced a customizable drone protection service plan designed to meet the diverse needs of commercial drone operators. DJI Enterprise ...

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