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MMC's Next Generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell Offers Flight Endurance of Up to 4 Hours
The H-1 Fuel Cell is a drone agnostic solution, compatible with MMC's own ... as well as other commercial drones from manufacturers including DJI.
DJI's Spark offers gesture piloting
I've been launching a drone with my fingertips, flying it with hand gestures, and landing it in my palm like a tamed bird. Welcome to gesture piloting, ...
Microlender Affirm Offers a Way to Buy Pricey Gadgets on Credit
As a test, I told the app I wanted to buy a DJI Spark, the company's new small, lightweight drone that costs $499. DJI is one of several companies that ...
Drone startup offers 360° photo tour of Philly's tallest building
Using a DJI Inspire 1 Pro, the entrepreneur and licensed drone pilot captured what the views will look like from the massive tower, slated to become ...
DJI Spark Drone Now Shipping; Company Offers Firmware Upgrade
DJI says its new Spark mini drone is now arriving in stores and homes around the world. Introduced last month, Spark is a palm-size drone that shoots ...
Hands-on: $499 gesture-controlled DJI Spark drone offers portability, simplicity
Previously, DJI's most portable drone was the Mavic Pro and its unique fold-up design. The tiny Spark makes the more powerful Mavic Pro look ...
Flamingo Air's Worker Bee Division Offers Drone Repair and Repair Training
“However, drone mechanics are few and far between. ... a drone maintenance lab and instruction on building a DJI drone from basic components.
DJI Offers $145K to Catch Flight-Disrupting Drone Owners
Posting on the Chinese version of its website, DJI classed these drone flights as "acts of evil" and pledged up to a one million yuan ($145,000) reward ...

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