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Drone-maker DJI recants on Bug Bounty offer, leaves researcher seething
Drone-maker DJI and a cyber security researcher are in the middle of a much-publicised spat after the company refused to pay up after announcing a 'bug bounty' programme.
Kittyhawk's Cool New Features Offer a New Value Proposition for Enterprise Customers
Kittyhawk is an enterprise-focused drone operations platform, integrated with DJI hardware. At yesterday's DJI Airworks Conference in Denver, the ...
Wingtra Partners with Kentucky-based Precision Capture to Offer VTOL Drone
“The WingtraOne is the perfect extension of our UAV offering into the premium segment: it is as easy-to-use as a DJI drone, but gives our clients more ...
DJI to Offer “Bug Bounty” Rewards for Reported Drone Software Vulnerabilities
DJI is by far the world's largest and most successful consumer drone manufacturer, holding roughly half of the overall market share for consumer ...
DJI To Offer 'Bug Bounty' Rewards For Reporting Software Issues
DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, is establishing a “bug bounty” program to reward people who discover security ...
[$120 Off] Best Offer on DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone with Gesture Control
Drone technology has emerged quite recently and has amazed the world in its very own way. Since the technology keeps on exploring itself and tries ...
OnePlus teams up with DJI to offer back to school bundles
If drones are more your thing, the Take to the Sky Bundle has the OnePlus Travel backpack and the DJI Spark and you can get it for $538 saving $30.
OnePlus Partners with DJI to Offer Four 'Back to School' Bundles
OnePlus Partners with DJI to Offer Four 'Back to School' Bundles ... this is not fly more combo, there will be no remote controller to control the drone.

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