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Night Flying OPS Manual
Renewing my PfAW (PfCO) and wondered if those who use additional lighting (eg Lume Cubes) have written the latter into the OPS Manual night flying. Especially interested in whether people have changed the MTOW to incorporate weight of the lights or have left the manufacturers MTOW unchanged in the manual. Help much appreciated.
x5s at night
Hi.Im shooting in Prores 422 or 444With DLog setting at day and im happy with the results. Did anybody test dlog at night ? I own a sony fs5 wich shoots in slog 2/3 and i know that you shouldnt use that in the dark. What do you use when you have a professional color grading at the end ? Any experience ? Regards Jochen
Night testing the Lume Cubes...and more.
It's raining here still, but something inspired me to press on. Actually I couldn't stand not to try them out. I decided to try them out indoors, hey, i'll test the indoor flight capabilities as, two birds with one stone. The shop. View attachment 12957
Part 107 Night Waiver Question
I hope this is in the right spot, apologies if not.I feel like in my waiver request I was pretty clear on the performance based standards regarding this but the FAA has requested more information pertaining to 107.29 The following is cut and pasted from the email I received:"For a waiver from section 107.29 - Daylight Operations:• Applicant must provide a method for the remote pilot to maintain visual line of sight during darkness."It's the only portion of the waiver they've...Part 107 Night Waiver Question
DxO tests DJI, GoPro drone-camera sensors. Hint: They're not night owls.
The company tested a handful of the cameras that come with popular drones -- 5 DJI models, the GoPro Karma's Hero5 Black and the Yuneec Breeze ...
Over 10,000 lights across the night sky - All shot RAW
Wanted to really test the dynamic range capabilities and potential of low-light footage when shooting Raw with the X5R. Shot with the Inspire 1 Raw and Osmo Raw. Watch in 4K and enjoy!
[Tutorial]Don’t Mess Up Your Night Shots!
Source and more comment from:Don’t Mess Up Your Night Shots!If you’re flying at night, you may get some red light in your shots, like in this photo: That light is coming from your front LEDs. Chances are you’ll get this if you’re flying forward and your camera’s facing forward. Having the front...[Tutorial]Don’t Mess Up Your Night Shots!
Drone Photogprahy: Night Cityscape Tutorial
Shooting the city landscape at night can provide some real challenges. Vibrations of drone, exposure setting and the tiniest of movements can make or break a good shot. Therefore, it is always a good idea to see what basics you may be missing as well as explore what type of angles work best when flying at night as well as getting those cinematic shots in. Below is a video that can provide some great examples of how to get the most out of your quad's camera:

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