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Parting out Inspire 1- shell, remote, chargers, motors, case
Parting out an Inspire 1 that's been upgraded with the 3510 h motors. Inspire 1 shell with 3510h motors, Zenmuse 5 mounting plate with vibration pad -excellent condition - $650 Inspire 1 remote controller - excellent condition - $ 275 Power adapter/charger - $35 Original Inspire 1 motors (4) - $95 for all 4 Inspire 1 x3 mounting plate and gimbal attachment - $50 View attachment 12599 View attachment 12600 View attachment 12601 ...Parting out Inspire 1- shell, remote, chargers, motors, case
X5R motors dead after firmware update
Dear friends,I've updated my Inspire 1 with X5R yesterday.It's an early Inspire 1 that is converted to carry the X5R.I went to the dji download page, selected Inspire 1 and downloaded the latest firmware.Tried to install it with the X5R mounted.That didn't work. Then I checked back the downloads page and saw that X3 was mentioned with the firmware.So I mounted my X3 to the Inspire and the firmware was installing.When the install was complete I've downloaded the firmware of the X5R...X5R motors dead after firmware update
WTB 3510H motors
Looking to buy all 4 3510H motors with esc's
Zenmuse x3 camera/mount, Inspire 1 motors
Recently upgraded my Inspire 1 and have the original camera with mount and motors for sale. All are in excellent condition. Work was done be Multicopter Warehouse in Castle Rock, CO.Camera/mount - $250Motors - make an offer.Thanks.Carl
Aftermarket motors
Looking at buying a crashed Inspire 1 It needs 2 motors. Was wondering if there are any aftermarket motors out there that would male this thing scream?
Do I have Inspire 1.0 or 2.0 motors ? (images)
Hi there,I bought an Inspire and it comes with 1345S props, that means quick disconnect props but not the 2.0 type ( 1345T ).So I bought today the 1345T kit ( new propeller locks and propellers ) and I wonder : what motors do I have ? 3510 is the 350kva ( 1.0 inspire ) and the 2.0 have the new 3510h ( 420kva ) motors, apparently optimized for the X5.Usually 3510h say 3510h and have no lateral "sayings", all black. 3510 motors have DJI and 350kva written on the side.Mine are all black...Do I have Inspire 1.0 or 2.0 motors ? (images)

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