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Drone World Takes Mavic Pro MaXX Mod Kit to All New Level
One of the most popular drones of the past year is the DJI Mavic Pro, highly coveted for its compact size, substantial range, and uncanny ability to ...
Russian Drone Mod Jailbreaks DJI Safety Feature
Some DJI drone owners, angered by the company's self-imposed “no-fly” safety features, are cheering a new set of hardware and software mods ...
Inspire 1 Boosted FPVLR Mod Remote Control
For sale:Lightly used Inspire 1 GL658B remote control with FPVLR Advanced Circular Antenna Kit professionally installed by DroneNerds. Works well but I rarely have need for it. Helps to boost penetration of signal through trees, buildings, and around wifi interference.Comes with custom fitted Casematix hard shell remote control case (which fits 10" tablet, controller, batteries and plenty of accessories) and Bestem Aerial Zero Gravity harness.Over...Inspire 1 Boosted FPVLR Mod Remote Control
Inspire 1 with Sentera true NDVI precision ag mod
For sale:Used Inspire 1 with professionally installed Sentera true NDVI single sensor for precision agriculture. This hard wired modification enables the X3/X5 camera functionality to be maintained in conjunction with NDVI sensor.Inspire 1 V1 has been upgraded to X5 dampening plate and landing legs, includes X3 camera, uninstalled 1345T quick release props and mounting plates (in box), and 3 batteries (1 TB-47 & 3 TB-48), and 2 chargers (100W & 180W). Also comes with DJI original case...Inspire 1 with Sentera true NDVI precision ag mod
Inspire 2 controller range mod
HI Just wondering if there is anywhere you can get a range extending mod for the i2 controller. I have seen them for the i1. CheersB
Battery Mod for my I1V2
I've been following the Battery Mod thread for months and I'm planning on doing it to my I1V2 ASAP. Has anyone flown the Battery Mod up at 8,000' and higher using the 1360T High Altitude Props? I only get a little over 9 minutes before critical Battery Warning and automatic RTH from my TB47 Batteries and a little more than 12 minutes from my TB48 Batteries flying up at 8,000'+ where I live most of the year. I barely made it back this morning and had to cancel the automatic RTH and land where...Battery Mod for my I1V2
Flight status led mod.
IMG_6141 by Steve186 posted Apr 20, 2017 at 10:03 PM Red stays redGreen to blueBlue to yellowYellow to purple So in gps mode it would be blueTravel mode greenWarnings still redAtti would be purple Yellow would be dual operator Any one want the wire config?

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