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Flight status led mod.
IMG_6141 by Steve186 posted Apr 20, 2017 at 10:03 PM Red stays redGreen to blueBlue to yellowYellow to purple So in gps mode it would be blueTravel mode greenWarnings still redAtti would be purple Yellow would be dual operator Any one want the wire config?
Drone World Unveils Industry's First DJI Mavic Pro MaXX Mod Kit
The Mavic Pro from DJI has become a force to be reckoned with since bursting onto the drone scene in September 2016. In just six months it has ...
Fpv mod - tapping into power
Any clever buggers out there know how to plug into the power source behind the nose cone?Fitting an fpv camera tomorrow and would like to save the hassle of a separate battery.I need to power the camera and separate transmitter.I know there is a power source but any suggestions?How To Install Flytrex Live 3G on Your DJI Inspire 1 - DronethusiastSent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
What are MOD values?
Hi, i keep seeing posts with comments about MOD values, could anyone explain them and how to check them... please keep it simple, I'm no tech head!cheers
Olympus 14-42 mod…
Been putting this off for a while as hacking into a brand new lens just seemed wrong.Carefully taped it all up and went steady using a dremmel with one of those etching handles on an extension cable.Before the mod the lens wouldn't easily mount to the X5. Once in place the zoom ring was tight against the gimbal body and it didn't sit straight.Now it drops in very smoothly and doesn't touch the Gimbal at all.Will finally get to try it out on a roof inspection job next week.-------...Olympus 14-42 mod…
DJI Inspire Battery Mod
Come across a nice little mod today which allows you to to add another battery to your inspire without ripping the battery to bits, to add an extra layer of protection and extra flight time.DJI inspire 1 battery mod power adaptor on StrikinglyI'll wait until the 15th Nov to see what DJI have planned with the inspire 2, and if I don't see a worthwhile reason to update I'll buy one of these and let you all know if they are any good.Or...DJI Inspire Battery Mod
School me: battery mod info
Hey guys, so I'm looking to get more flight time with my x5. I've began reading the massive 85 page thread on just that. I have ran into a few questions that I can't find answers for. Even after digging around online I have found a little more info but not sure how it plays a part with our inspires.... What hoping you gurus could help me out. Difference in 3s vs 6s? I see a lot of people posting about one or the other but I have no idea what they're talking about. Also, 1300mah -...School me: battery mod info

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