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Operational safety cases for drones, Part 4 – Platform
It is the commoditised version, namely 'off the shelf' platforms like the DJI Phantom and Inspire series, which have revolutionised the industry by ...
DJI Offers USD30,000 Bug Bounty For App Vulnerabilities
Chinese drone maker DJI is looking for security loopholes in their flight control software and programmers who find the loopholes could gain a bug ...
Sentera's Omni Ag Drone Offers Thermal, NDVI and RBG Measurements
The Omni drone with the DJI XT thermal sensor is also compatible with Sentera's other Double 4K sensor variants, including the multispectral Double ...
Sentera's Omni Drone Offers Agriculture Industry Third Layer of Crop Health Insight
The Sentera Omni Ag drone with DJI XT Thermal Sensor is also compatible with Sentera's other Double 4K sensor variants, including the multispectral ...
North Carolina College Offers 95-Hour Drone Academy
Apparently, MCC has over forty drones available, ranging from micro drones to quadcopter like the DJI Matrice 100 (which DJI aptly calls "the ...
DJI offers free drone rentals in photo contest, will award drones to winners
Photographers with the itch to go aerial but without the right gear have the chance to win a DJI Mavic Pro in a contest involving free drone rentals.
DJI's Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian and Mavic Pro Platinum enhance the unbeatable drones
DJI was already the champion of the drone market before last year. But with the Mavic Pro, it managed to brings its high-grade technology and feature ...
DJI offers 'bug bounty' to techies who can find software flaws in its drones
All-conquering drone manufacturer DJI is offering cash rewards to techies who can find security flaws in its software. The bug bounty program ...

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