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Drones take flight at Sun 'n Fun Expo campus
Andrew Bieniek, a student at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, flies a DJI Mavic Pro during Unmanned and Sunny drone education event at the ...
Flight Drones and softwares for their easy use
Loaded with several useful flight features, this predecessor of DJI Phantom 4 ... Flight Drone Softwares make it easy to plan a flight, its monitoring ...
Hobbyists and Hackers Are Overriding DJI Drone Flight Restrictions at a Rapid Pace
DJI drones use software which implements geofencing flight restrictions, preventing its consumer drones from being flown into airports and other ...
DJI updates drone software to prevent flight restriction hacking
Chinese drone maker Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd., better known as DJI, has updated the software in its machines to ...
DJI Spark vs. Mavic Pro vs. Phantom 4 Pro: Video Quality Compared
The only feature common among them is that they all sport a camera but it performs differently on each drone model. DJI Spark, Mavic Pro, and ...
DJI Phantom 4 Pro is still the "King of Drones!"
This becomes even more evident because of the #Dji Phantom 4 #Pro. Since last year, it has been a favorite of photographers and video enthusiasts.
MMC's Next Generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell Offers Flight Endurance of Up to 4 Hours
The H-1 Fuel Cell is a drone agnostic solution, compatible with MMC's own ... as well as other commercial drones from manufacturers including DJI.

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