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Drone Mapping Seminar at Commercial UAV Expo
This seminar will walk the user through the entire process of preparing for, collecting and processing data using DJI drones in conjunction with ...
GeoCue Group and AirGon Present: High Accuracy Mapping with DJI Drones
Low cost drone platforms have become a game-changer in small site mapping. However, achieving high-accuracy results can be a challenge. Join us ...
Tech Toys: 3DR thermal drone mapping, cyber insurance, more make their debut
According to a press statement, the platform can now autonomously map images from a DJI M210 dual gimbal drone equipped with a Zenmuse X4S ...
UAV Spectral Image Mapping of Shoreline Vegetation
This article shows how a commercially available middle-class drone (DJI Phantom 3 with built-in camera), which collects data only in the visible ...
Leica Geosystems Launches Mapping UAV Based on DJI M600
Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, has introduced the Leica Aibot, a mapping unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based on the DJI M600 Pro drone ...
Report: Drone Mapping is Getting Bigger, Smarter and Popular
“Despite manufacturers such as Autel, Yuneec and Parrot introducing new drone platforms, DJI remains the leader in the industry with an estimated ...
Remote GeoSystems Launches All-New Video GeoTagger FREE & PRO with Video Mapping ...
DJI Drone Flight Log Support – Video GeoTagger includes unmatched ... support for DJI drone and UAV systems, including the ability to decrypt and ...

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