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Subterranean drone mapping startup Emesent raises $2.5M to autonomously delve the deep
Seemingly every industry is finding ways to use drones in some way or another, but deep underground it's a different story. In the confines of a mine or ...
DJI Phantom 4 RTK is a game-changer for mapping and surveying
A new standard for drone accuracy. That's the bold statement made by DJI upon the release of its eagerly-anticipated Phantom 4 RTK. It's a big claim.
DJI and Propeller Unite on Drone Mapping Solution
Drone analytics company Propeller has announced that they're partnering with drone company DJI to create a mapping system for clients in the civil, ...
Propeller Partners With DJI to Bolster Drone Analytics and Mapping
Cloud-based drone analytics provider Propeller has inked a deal with drone giant DJI in a new partnership that will marry the company's mapping ...
DJI Phantom 4 RTK Review: Revolutionizing Drone Mapping
Drone mapping has become one of the fastest growing areas of the drone-based service industry. With applications in construction, surveying, real ...
DJI's Phantom 4 RTK is the most accurate low altitude mapping solution
Drones are serious business. Sure they're fun for consumers, but there's a very business-orientated part of DJI's business and that's enabling drones ...
Phantom 4 RTK Launched Globally Today: DJI's Ultimate Mapping Solution
DRONELIFE was present this morning when DJI announced the global launch of the Phantom 4 RTK mapping and survey drone. The launch shows ...
Stereographic Mapping and Drones: Taking UAS Mapping to the Limit
They're one of the top design firms in the country, and they've showcased where and how drone technology is making a difference compared to ...

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