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Whose drone is that? DJI unveils UAV traffic management system
DJI, the Chinese drone firm, is launching its own Wi-Fi based drone traffic management system, aimed at placating regulators who want to put limits on ...
DJI Presents Approaches to Drone Traffic Management, Identification to ICAO
DJI delivered two white papers Saturday on its regulatory approach to safely grow drone traffic. During ICAO's Drone Enable conference in Montreal, ...
DJI Proposes Drone Traffic Management System
DJI has put forward proposals it believes could allow for the safe management and monitoring of drone traffic, using technology available today.
CSIRO links with Ruralco to push digital management and drones on farms
Ruralco rural supplies general manager, Greg O'Neil, with a DJI Matrice 100 drone with PrecisionHawk's Australian general manager, Nat Hyde.
WTB Inspire 1 power management board and battery terminal
Hi Gang,As in the title, I want to buy some parts for the Inspire 1. I'm looking for a replacement power management board, and associated battery terminal for the TB47. Can anybody help?
Kittyhawk Platform Launches Real-Time Drone Operations Management
The newly released Flight Deck functionality is free and unlimited for anyone with a DJI drone, and the company expects to release more features and ...
Introducing the Seagate DJI Fly Drive for Drone Video Management
Aiming to make drone-captured data management easier, Seagate and DJI have announced the first data solution from their strategic partnership ...
Free subscription to drone data management cloud application
Hi Inspire Pilot members,I’m the president and co-founder of Optelos, a drone data management software company. In a nutshell our software lets you manage drone job activities, upload results, tag and annotate, and share your project with clients and other users. We can even create branded site for you...basically think of Optelos as a better “Dropbox for drone projects”. We've just launched our Drone Work Advisor software platform for drone operators and would like to extend a...Free subscription to drone data management cloud application

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