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2017 DJI Latest News: Gearing Up To Unveil Tiny Drone In May At New York
DJI will be looking to launch the tiny drone known as Spark in May. ... DJI is no stranger to mass media attraction due to its technical competency, and ...
A falling drone probably won't kill you
DJI's Phantom 3 drone, for example, was found to have about a .03 percent chance of causing a head injury if it fell on a person, compared to a block ...
FAA Study Assesses Injury Potential of Drone Striking Person
Shenzhen, China-based DJI, the leading manufacturer of small recreational and commercial drones, welcomed the study findings. DJI has ...
DJI Will Reportedly Introduce A Tiny Drone At An Upcoming May Event In New York
DJI new drone, the little Spark (Photo : Billy Kyle / YouTube) Recent news spreads that DJI reportedly will introduce a tiny drone at an upcoming May ...
DJI Prevents Drone Flights Over Syria and Iraq
While there is limited data available to verify if their products are indeed the types of drones ISIS uses, it is probable that at least some DJI UAV's may ...
You Mean 3DR is Back with a Pro Drone?
Just when you think 3DR is licking its wounds from a Solo disaster, the company bounces back with a Sony camera no less. Certain admirers of the Solo may be upset but it is a wise move for the company. With the drone industry charting into uncertain waters, Yuneec, 3DR and Go Pro have all had their lessons in reality. However, 3DR is back with the Site Scan Drone. View attachment 13395
DJI is offering a huge cash reward in a bid to solve an airport drone mystery
With drone ownership skyrocketing in the last couple of years, it seems sadly inevitable that there's always going to be a few ne'er-do-wells getting ...
Νέος σκληρός δίσκος από τη Seagate για κατόχους DJI drone
Η Seagate ανακοίνωσε ένα νέο σκληρό δίσκο ο οποίος προορίζεται για τους κατόχους των drones της DJI. Ο DJI Fly Drive όπως ονομάζεται, διαθέτει ...

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