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DJI launches new geofencing solution to protect planes from drones
In certain locations, a DJI drone cannot take off within, or fly into, a geofenced area without special authorisation. Drone pilots with verified DJI ...
Turn your ideas into reality – Heliguy launches R&D service
Heliguy has launched a new research and development department – to create bespoke items and offer custom-built solutions for commercial and ...
New DJI Geofencing Tech Launches with the Promise of Greater Airport Security
As an example, by permitting authorised users to conduct drone activities in ... DJI has chosen Altitude Angel as its new partner to deliver accurate, ...
Sulzer & Schmid launches drones for wind turbine inspections
Sulzer Schmid's 3DX HD product – based on DJI M-210 drone — delivers autonomous drone inspections at a significantly lower cost compared to its ...
Micro Drone 4 Crowdfund Campaign Launches With Misleading Video & Comparisons
The promotional video accompanying the Micro Drone 4 campaign includes a ridiculous comparison with the premium DJI Inspire 2, a well respected ...
GDU Launches SAGA: infrared, open platform industrial drone
GDU Launches SAGA: infrared, open platform industrial drone ... Buy your next drone through directly from manufacturers, such as DJI, Parrot, Yuneec ...
DJI Launches Controller with Screen
(CCM) — Leading drone-maker DJI has finally unveiled a controller with a built-in screen at CES in Las Vegas, enabling pilots to launch their aircraft ...

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