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GDU Launches SAGA: infrared, open platform industrial drone
GDU Launches SAGA: infrared, open platform industrial drone ... Buy your next drone through directly from manufacturers, such as DJI, Parrot, Yuneec ...
DJI Launches Controller with Screen
(CCM) — Leading drone-maker DJI has finally unveiled a controller with a built-in screen at CES in Las Vegas, enabling pilots to launch their aircraft ...
DJI launches smart remote controller for Mavic drones
DJI has launched a new Smart Controller with a built-in display that allows pilots to fly the company's Mavic drones without having to use a ...
DJI launches smart drone controller with built-in 5.5-inch display
While the addition of a screen on a drone's controller has its advantages, it comes at a cost. DJI has slapped a premium price tag of $650 / £579 ...
DJI Launches New Smart Controller
DJI has announced a new remote controller that allows pilots to get their drone in the air without connecting to a smartphone or tablet. With 2.5 hours ...
BREAKING: DJI Launches Smart Controller for Mavic 2 With Built In CrystalSky at CES2019
The all new DJI Smart Controller for the Mavic 2 Series of drones was launched today. But DJI also brags that because it uses OccuSync 2.0 it will ...
DJI Launches Portable Thermal Imaging Solution: Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
DJI has built upon its enterprise range with the launch of another portable drone for commercial operations and first responders. The Mavic 2 ...
DJI Launches New Website for Professional Cinematographers and Filmmakers
DJI has long sought to establish an unassailable position as the go-to drone manufacturer for professional cinematographers. On top of a number of ...

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