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Lake O' the Pines
Here is the first video I've posted to this forum. My company owns the Inspire 1, I fly it. I don't have my certification yet. I'm studying. So, I flew this just for fun at the largest lake in East Texas. I won't say it's my best flying. I'd never flown over water until this day, two weeks ago. I'm also no colorist. I just tweaked the images a little and edited it all in Premiere. I welcome you're comments. Our Inspire uses the X3 camera, all manual settings.
Quick 360 Pano Lake Tahoe
Just thought I would share a 360 pano I did this morning which is a combination of 34 photos from my Inspire 1. I had a bit of a challenge since it just stopped snowing for a few minutes to get the bird up in the air. First thing I had was the battery was to cold.. I guess its getting that time of year here in Lake Tahoe, California, next after looking at the photos it seems like the storm was moving a bit fast so the stitching software couldn't get it all the way, so I had to do various...Quick 360 Pano Lake Tahoe
Watch: Video Drone Tows Kayak Across Lake
Ever wondered how much power a DJI Drone has? Apparently, it's enough to pull an intrepid (or perhaps lazy?) Quebecois kayaker out onto a lake.
Lake Nipissing, Ontario
Aerial photo of Lake Nipissing, Ontario. X5R, Oly 12mm lens, Polar Pro ND 8 CPL filter.
Siblyback Lake
I was flying over Siblyback lake on Bodmin Moor recently and got this shot of the dam. I didn't even realize it was there !
Train Lake Train
Was out testing some new firmware with the Inspire Pro and filmed 2 differing train shots. Enjoy the music and of course the video.
VW California Meeting // Lake Garda // Italy
Hi,once a year we have a VW California Camper Meeting at Lake Garda in Italy, this year i decided to take my Inspire 1 with me to make some stills (that's what i usually did with my Octo).I played a little bit around with the bird (and the Osmo i bought a few days before) and started to make some test shots. Some of them i found pretty impressive (for a noob like me) and i botched them together in my very first video. I've downloaded FCPX and Motion, went through some tutorials and here...VW California Meeting // Lake Garda // Italy
These Drones Flew Over a Lake of Lava — And the Results Are Literal Fire
The quadcopter whirred over the lava lake, part of the Holohraun lava field that is nearly equal in size to Manhattan, Bancroft TV reported. The drone ...

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