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The Drone Revolution of the US and Japan
One Chinese drone company, DJI, claims 70 percent of the drone market for individual use. A 2018 exercise in the South China Sea by another ...
Silicon Valley Brings Together Industry Heavy-Hitters for Technical Discussions Surrounding State ...
Mr. Nanduri is the Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Drone ... directing 150 enhanced Shooting Star drones to float up and over the field ... for Good Guys will be moderated by David Hansell, Public Policy Manager, DJI.
Propeller PPK gets survey-grade data from a DJI drone… with one GCP
The Propeller PPK was developed in cooperation with DJI to pair with the affordable Phantom 4 RKT drone. When you use the system, you simply lay ...
Chinese New Year Sale Brings Back Massive Discount on DJI's Latest Mavic 2 Pro
While DJI Mavic 2 Pro features the same folding design as its predecessor, the camera is way better than the original drone. Using Hasselblad's ...
Problematic UAVs: These Are Some of the Ways People Are Misusing Drones
Drone technology looks like it is here to stay, however, properly .... put this into practice when he attached a spray can to a DJI Phantom drone and ...
DJI Smart Controller Brings Phone-Free Flight to Mavic 2 Drones
LAS VEGAS—We absolutely loved DJI's latest small drone, the Mavic 2 Pro. The small, folding device earned Editors' Choice marks and a five-star ...

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