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Klau Geomatics Brings PPK Positioning Kits for UAVs to Japan
Then a DJI Inspire2 drone equipped with the KlauPPK kit captured data at a 10mm ground sampling distance. The Klau Geomatics post processing software geo-tagged the images in the local Japanese coordinate system and geoid model. A better than 30mm accuracy was achieved in XYZ from ...
Japan Easing Rules on Drone Delivery
In an attempt to address the shortage of labor in many areas of the country, the Japanese government plans to allow the use of commercial drones for package delivery. The drones will be trialed from summer this year by delivering packages to remote areas. This trial could be the forerunner for the use ...
Japan to open its skies to commercial drones
From fiscal 2018, the Transport Ministry will begin a debate on allowing drones in cities, with plans to allow flights as early as 2020. Given the need to navigate city streets lined with utility poles and tall buildings, the government will consider a new system to certify eligible drones and issue pilot licenses.
An Interactive Drone Museum Has Opened in Osaka, Japan
Japan has become a hotspot of various drone-related activity in the past few months. In October, we witnessed Chinese drone-manufacturer DJI open an indoor drone arena in Tokyo. A few months later, there was serious consideration given to implementing unmanned aerial vehicles in combatting ...
A DJI Arena is Opening in Japan!
DJI has plans to open a 5,759 square foot drone arena on Saturday, October 21, in Tokyo, Japan, according to DJI News. This will mark the first time a ...
DJI Announces First Drone Arena in Japan
In what is rapidly becoming DJI's signature blend of style, marketing prowess and a practical way of dealing with drone regulations around the world, ...
DJI Opens Its First Drone Arena in Japan
TOKYO, Oct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- DJI, the world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, will open its first Japan DJI Arena in ...
Korea, China, and Japan Look for New Drone Markets
China-based drone maker DJI is focusing on agricultural drones that shoot pesticide instead of photos. Founded in 2016, DJI is leading in the ...

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