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Tower Inspection video
NATE Unveils Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations Video - sUAS News - The Business of Drones
Elevated utility inspection...
Hey guys;A forum-wide search for "Utility inspection" turned up nothing, so I'm posting this thread.I have a possible new client in the Elevated Utility Inspection game. He's an electrical contractor who does high voltage work, turbine work, high-tension repair, etc. He's taking me out Thursday and we're going to do some high-tension tower inspections as an "audition," to see if this technology is for HIS clients.For my "audition" will be flying my Inspire 1, v2.0 with an X3 camera....Elevated utility inspection...
UK local council now offering £350-a-day drone property inspection service
Drone regulations in the UK are opening up new avenues of income in ... The council bought a £2,500 ($3,205) DJI Inspire 1 drone in late 2015 that ...
Tower Inspection w/Matrice 600
Hello I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge on TV/Radio tower inspections. My question is if the GPS/compass systems would be ok/safe in this type of inspection with the antennas radiating at full power. Would probably be about 200 ft from tower and zooming in to get my shots. The TV station would be a little less than 1 megawatt ie.. high power station. We don't have the GNSS D-RTK system so that is my concern.Paul
Cell Tower Inspection
Hello,Is there anyone here that has done a cell tower inspection? I'm using the Inspire Pro with 45mm lens.1) Will the drone get any signal interference from the tower (I hear yes and no)?2) Whats the safest way to conduct a cell tower inspection with a drone?3) What precaution should I take?4) What potential dangers should I look out for?5) Are there any other important facts that I need to know regarding drone cell tower inspections?6) Is there any additional equipment that...Cell Tower Inspection
DJI Introduces New Drones for Infrastructure Inspection
DJI, a specialist in drone technology, has unveiled the new Matrice 200 drone series (M200), which is designed for professional users to perform ...
Beyond line of sight drone flights, new aerial inspection drones from DJI, UAS safety
DJI has unveiled its new Matrice 200 drone series (M200), built to carry out missions involving inspections of critical infrastructure and energy facilities, ...

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