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ND Filter info
Does anyone know any specifics on ND Filters (size, thread type etc) for the X5S or X4S? Since we're waiting on our shipments, I thought I would pick up some filters.
DJI Care Refresh Info
I spent some quality time on DJI chat trying to get some questions answered. No doubt they were swamped with the amount of inquiries they received. The agent I was chatting with even said so. I read the FAQ about the Refresh Care and thought it was vague. After multiple questions I was told there is a fee if you have to use Refresh. According to DJI chat you are permitted to use Refresh twice over the span of one year. If you crash due to pilot error you're covered EXCEPT if you crash into...DJI Care Refresh Info
Do I need a previous owners GO info
im trying to setup my drone. Do I need previous Owners DJI GO info to make changes or to load?
School me: battery mod info
Hey guys, so I'm looking to get more flight time with my x5. I've began reading the massive 85 page thread on just that. I have ran into a few questions that I can't find answers for. Even after digging around online I have found a little more info but not sure how it plays a part with our inspires.... What hoping you gurus could help me out. Difference in 3s vs 6s? I see a lot of people posting about one or the other but I have no idea what they're talking about. Also, 1300mah -...School me: battery mod info
Battery Revive Info / Fix DOA TB47
Got an Inspire v2 with a spare TB47. Not sure which one was the bad one, as i tore open both boxes at the same time and lost track of which battery came with the Inspire.Anyways, one of them charged fine. Plugged in the 2nd battery and got a way different blinking pattern. that's what mine did. not my video, but same thing.Opened up the battery. Positive lead is connected directly to the lipo. Negative seems to go to the controller board/charge...Battery Revive Info / Fix DOA TB47
Anyone know any technical info about the inner workings of the inspire?
Got a problem, app shows disconnected and I'm trying to figure or why, it's not the device or the cable, no info about battery and altitude and no video show at all, seems the modules responsible for transmitting this info aren't connecting. When you plug in the device it shows it's charging which indicates its it's connected to the remote, whether the usb port can charge but not transmit data I do not know but I'd rather not their parts at it until I have a better understanding of how it...Anyone know any technical info about the inner workings of the inspire?
X5R SSD Info
A thread for gathering together of information about what the DJI X5R SSD is made of, how it's constructed, how it's formatted, etc. It's inevitable the conversation will swing to the "WTF" commentary about why it costs $1,500.00, but I'd like to try to keep this thread on the "what" and "how": and leave the "why" to other places.

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