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Drone maker DJI accused of sending sensitive US info to China
The world's most popular consumer drone company has been accused of sending data to the Chinese government. The U.S. government office claims DJI, whose drones you can find at Best Buy, has been transmitting sensitive information about U.S. infrastructure back to China, according to a report ...
DJI's scanner can nab info on drones mid-flight
This morning, Chinese drone company DJI demonstrated its new AeroScope device that can track UAVs in a 5-kilometer radius. At the moment, it can ...
DJI Drones to Share Owner Info with Law Enforcement
DJI, the world's largest drone maker, already exercises control over how people can operate their drones by imposing geo-fences around airports (in ...
SW Florida 360° Pano Info
I have had some requests to show my workflow for my 360° panoramas. I did my weekly pano today for the Island I live on as they want to monitor water quality from week to week. They do request that I do not add any color enhancement so I keep it as natural as it appeared to me. These panos are nothing fancy and only show current and historical data. I have been doing these weekly for almost a year. My contract has been extended for another 6 months as of today. If you are interested you can...SW Florida 360° Pano Info
Inspire 2 no battery info OSD HMI
I have a problem with my Inspire 2.The battery Feedback on the OSD of the HDMI output doesn't work on my drone.I really need it for FPV flightsHave you noticed this problem and what can i do ?thanksss [/URL][/IMG]...Inspire 2 no battery info OSD HMI
Looking for Info on DJI FlightHub
I've been searching but can't find any information on FlightHub, other than the standard quotes from DJI in Press Releases. Has anyone seen a demo yet or know what the latency will be? I've been working with an Aviation tech company to figure out a way to downlink UAS video to our Agency's handheld microwave receivers that the helicopters in our area use. I'm hoping that FlightHub might be an alternative, but the lag would have to be reasonable for decision quality data in the field.
Helpful info to address future local ordinances
Just came across this resource, Forgive me if you've read it already. Lots of very useful ammunition to fight your local councils/boards on future anti-drone ordinances.

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