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Looking for Info on DJI FlightHub
I've been searching but can't find any information on FlightHub, other than the standard quotes from DJI in Press Releases. Has anyone seen a demo yet or know what the latency will be? I've been working with an Aviation tech company to figure out a way to downlink UAS video to our Agency's handheld microwave receivers that the helicopters in our area use. I'm hoping that FlightHub might be an alternative, but the lag would have to be reasonable for decision quality data in the field.
Helpful info to address future local ordinances
Just came across this resource, Forgive me if you've read it already. Lots of very useful ammunition to fight your local councils/boards on future anti-drone ordinances.
DJI Matrice 200 Info Thread
This morning DJI announced their newest copter in the Matrice series - the Matrice 200 and Matrice 210.This thread will be used to keep people up to date on the information that becomes available about the copter. Cameras:One of the biggest differences in the M200 and the M210 is their ability to carry cameras. They will both carry the newest X5S and X4S cameras in addition to the Z30 and XT series of thermal imaging cameras. The M200 supports a single downward camera mount -...DJI Matrice 200 Info Thread
ND Filter info
Does anyone know any specifics on ND Filters (size, thread type etc) for the X5S or X4S? Since we're waiting on our shipments, I thought I would pick up some filters.
DJI Care Refresh Info
I spent some quality time on DJI chat trying to get some questions answered. No doubt they were swamped with the amount of inquiries they received. The agent I was chatting with even said so. I read the FAQ about the Refresh Care and thought it was vague. After multiple questions I was told there is a fee if you have to use Refresh. According to DJI chat you are permitted to use Refresh twice over the span of one year. If you crash due to pilot error you're covered EXCEPT if you crash into...DJI Care Refresh Info
Do I need a previous owners GO info
im trying to setup my drone. Do I need previous Owners DJI GO info to make changes or to load?

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