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DJI calls for drone incident reporting caution in wake of airport disruption
DJI has released a statement calling for more caution in the evaluation of drone sighting reports following the disruption caused at Gatwick and ...
DJI Urges Caution in Drone Incident Evaluation & UK Council Defers Drone Ban
Citizens of the UK are seeing drones everywhere these days. Even though there have been more confirmed sightings of the Loch Ness monster than ...
DJI offers assistance to Gatwick Airport drone incident investigators
While DJI has no independent confirmation of what has occurred or what type of drone may be involved, the company is prepared to offer technical ...
Gatwick Airport incident shows the threat of rogue drones in commercial airspace
Two Gatwick drones were first sighted Wednesday night, leading airport ... Drone manufacturer DJI has a geofence system installed in its products to ...
DJI Offers AeroScope Assistance To Gatwick Airport Incident Investigators
DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, offers its assistance to authorities investigating the reported drone incursions ...
DJI offers assistance to Gatwick Airport incident investigators
Today's drone news has been dominated by the closing of Gatwick Airport as a result of drones entering the airspace over the landing and take off ...
DHS Calls for Action After Explosive Drone Incident in Venezuela
According to Reuters, the alleged assassination attempt involved a pair of DJI M600 UAVs, which were equipped with C4 explosives that detonated ...

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